[Y]ral: ‘The Truth About School’ Explained In A Powerful 2 Min. Video

Posted on May 27, 2015

By Shruti Aurangabadkar:

The present education system is far from perfect, and it doesn’t matter what country is being talked about. This video tries to address what it deems is the fundamental issue – “The problem is our entire educational paradigm. The system is designed to format the… (children’s) minds and condition them for a life of subservience.” It talks about the focus of the system on retaining and regurgitating knowledge in standardised tests, the competition encouraged, and the effect this undoubtedly has on the kids. The obvious problem is that those who are in a position to make any changes have passed through the same educational system, and used it to great effect, so aren’t equally enthusiastic to change it.

Children are discouraged from asking questions, and conformity is the order of the day. Conformity to the world-view espoused by the standardised syllabus. The video also goes on to liken education and the capitalist system to slavery. Sensationalism aside, there are a couple of valid questions it raises, such as the effectiveness of the school education in imparting survival skills for the ‘Real World’. The conclusion is definitely something most of us will agree with: “revolution of the mind must include revolution of the education”.

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