5 Posters That Challenge Society’s Mindset Towards Survivors Of Sexual Harassment

Posted on May 28, 2015

By Sanjana Sanghi:

The harassment after harassment is by far the most debilitating. Knowing this as a mere fact is one thing, yet understanding the gravity of it is an entirely different thing. To aid us in this process, Himani Auplish has created a series of 5 artworks, which accurately explain the societal reactions and stereotypical notions associated with sexual harassment.

Showing skin is not a crime, rape is.
Sex is not a crime, rape is.

These issues, and more, are the ones which stand in complete opposition to the patriarchal and sexually discriminating society that we live in. They instantaneously challenge the typical mindsets that make a survivor of sexual harassment undergo the entire cycle of harassment a second time over, through societal neglect, name calling, and alienation. Such creative and simplistic visualizations allow us to be reminded of all that is wrong with society, and urge us to never agree to be a part of such a grossly humiliating scenario, wherein an already traumatized survivor is subjected to different kinds of emotional and psychological trauma all over again.






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