To Those Who Call Me ‘Hijra’ And Gossip About My Makeup – You Don’t Bother Me

Posted on May 26, 2015

By Divyaroop Ananda:

Today I was going for choir practice (yes, I’m a part of India’s first gay choir group, Rainbow voices). On my way, while I was in an auto rickshaw, another one was driving just next to us. Busy on my phone, I didn’t notice what was happening. When all of a sudden my driver shouted, “Marad hai. Mud mud ke dekhne ki zaroorat nahi. Agey badh.” (He’s a man. No need to turn your heads. Go ahead.)

gay_man_makeupThat caught my attention. I asked him what happened. The driver replied they were thinking there’s a woman sitting and all of them (the other driver and three passengers) were trying to catch up the pace to stare at you. I felt safe because that man defended me, when other men were ogling at me.

Hence, I’m gonna write this post to all the men and women (yes women too), who always turn around their heads to see and gossip about me wearing makeup.

Look at me, laugh at me, gossip about how I look and get disgusted by my presence. I don’t care. For I exist, and just like you have your choice of wearing burkha, salwar, gown, or top and jeans, just like you have choice of wearing shirt and trousers, dhoti or lungi, suit and tie, T-shirt and jeans, vest and shorts, etc.;I have my choice of wearing what I want too.

Giggle behind my back or look at me with the surprise, because there’s nothing more that you can do.

Vacate all the seats when I sit somewhere, go away from me like I’ll spread my “disease to you”. I don’t care as long as I have my seat and you don’t bother me.

Be confused. Call me he or call me she. For that matter, call me ze if you want to, for I am the best of all worlds, or shall I say genders. I just don’t go by any defined gender.

Call me whore, call me slut, call me hijra, call me eunuch, I don’t care. For every word that you think will be derogatory to me, it only gives me strength to live and makes me stronger than ever.

Your hate towards me only reflects your personality and not how weird I am. For everything that exists in this world today, was once something weird for others.

For every hate you sent my way, for every names you called me for who I am, I wish I could rip your heart out and crush it under my six inches heels as you have always tried to make my life hell. But I am much better in taking revenge. I will let you live and let you rot in your skin while you see me live a victorious life.

And to all of you out there who can dare to walk beside me or choose your own path that no one ventured before, and as long as it makes you happy and it doesn’t harm someone else, be assured that you have my support and so of many others who dared to be different. Let not this world tell you that you are not beautiful.

Note: This article was originally published on the author’s personal blog

Image credit: Pia Llama/Divyaroop’s Facebook profile
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