[Y]ral: “Kejriwal Has A Quarrel For Breakfast Every Morning” – MJ Akbar

Posted on May 21, 2015 in Politics

By Sanskriti Pandey

I think, for breakfast each morning he needs a quarrel to sate his appetite, for lunch he needs a confrontation, and for dinner he needs the satisfaction of having committed a self-goal.

Jhagdawal’ Kejriwal, as BJP Spokesperson and journalist MJ Akbar has called the Chief Minister of the Delhi, is suffering under dwindling faith of the people. There has been prolonged Aam Aadmi Party infighting and crumbling of internal democracy, what with the very public Kejriwal versus Yadav-Bhushan tussle. In other reports that had only a little earlier emerged, AAP had allegedly indulged in political horse-trading, further dampening their image. AK’s decision to continue with a speech even as Gajendra Singh, a farmer who had attempted suicide right in front of the anti-LandBill kisan rally, was being taken to a hospital, didn’t help. And now Kejriwal has gone on to write a letter to PM Modi regarding his spat with Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung over the transfers and postings of bureaucrats, along with his turnaround on defamation.

If the spectrum of reasons the Delhi CM has been in the news recently for is to be analysed, many may call his attitude quite unlike his initial approachable and dependable self. So believes Akbar, who has condemned his “kind of governance” as “unfortunate” for the people that elected him to power and vested faith in his capabilities. The diminishing ‘Aam’ from the Aam Aadmi Party has bubbled up debates on a gradual bend on the hopeful road AAP once embarked upon. Here’s a short video clip by The Quint on MJ Akbar’s stance on Arvind Kejriwal and his “quarrelsome and confrontational behaviour” Do you agree?

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