[Y]ral: In A Lie Detector Test On Their Moms, These Kids Ask The Most Hilariously Awkward Questions

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Society, Specials

By Sanskriti Pandey:

It was quite an ingenious idea to put those good old lie detector machines to good use this Mother’s Day! Yes, that’s right – a bunch of moms were strapped to lie detectors as their kids asked them some -ahem – scandalous and uncomfortable questions. In this laugh riot of a video, watch as one Mom warned her child not to ask anything that will incriminate them. What follows is hilarious lies about doing drugs, getting hammered, being in threesomes, taking nude pictures, and rummaging through their child’s bedroom!

This video will have you wishing you could take the Mother’s Day celebrations to a whole new level. Watch for laughs and use the opportunity to prod your Mom today.

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