‘Sexperiment On The Streets’ – It’s Time To Get The Facts Right!

Posted on May 4, 2015 in Sex, Sexual Health, Society, Taboos

By Sanskriti Pandey:

Durex never fails to amuse and pull the right strings in its ads. What’s funny is that the more tabooed the word, the more it guarantees erect ears and curious eyes.

Bad puns aside, Ranveer Singh made headlines last year with his “Chup” ad, where he dared to utter the forbidden word and urged India to openly talk about sex. The Durex and MTV Safe Sex initiative #RexTalk seems to be bringing a ‘condom revolution’ of sorts and is building conversation around contraception and safe sex in a country that has a love-hate relationship with the *beep* word. They decided to conduct a ‘Sexperiment on the streets’ (scandalous enough?) and ask Indians questions about sex. Are you one of those people who believe that they don’t need a condom because you only sleep with ‘nice people’? Do condoms have an expiry date? Can contraceptive pills help prevent STDs? Watch this video to discover hilarious responses to these questions and more as randomly picked people are bluntly asked about sex!

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