[Y]ral: Will ‘Baba’ Understand His Little Girl’s Problem?

Posted on May 12, 2015 in Society, Video

By Sanskriti Pandey:

‘Arre Baba’ is a very short story that begins and ends on the kachcha road back home at the end of a day. Little Devika is upset because her father was due to pick her up from school earlier. She refuses to divulge why she is feeling weird, but her ‘Baba‘ adoringly prods on and offers to do fun stuff together. She complains that he won’t understand what it is, but as he slowly tries to unravel the reason for her discomfort, we are left smiling at the sweet father-daughter relationship that has emerged from the absence of a woman in their lives.

Gauri Deshpande essays the role of ‘Devu’ and Girish Kulkarni of ‘Ugly’ fame plays her father in this fine piece of storytelling that steers clear of a “viral” style and quietly brings a message home. Watch this endearing video by Surya Balakrishnan for Terribly Tiny Talkies.

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