[Y]ral: “On Your Marks, Screw Your Marks”, Funnyman Vir Das Puts On His Serious Hat!

Posted on May 26, 2015

By Pallavi Ghosh

Remember how our parents used to take the example of some genius kid in the neighbourhood, calling them Einstein since he/she was the topper in school? Of course, everyone conveniently forgot to mention that the math genius had been slow in learning, speaking, and was even expelled once! He had dropped out of school and also failed in an entrance exam! With the Boards results out, parents, and well meaning relatives (ahem ahem) are all armed to judge our little Einsteins and Maya Angelous of tomorrow with their impossible yardsticks. How will these beautiful-minds-turned-into-Atlases by the pressure of their parents, bear this weight?

Well, here is your Superman kids. Introduce your parents to the actor-cum-comedian Vir Das (remember Delhi Belly you guys!), who comes to take the burden off your shoulders.

So to all the about-to-enter college students out there, remember the double digits on your mark sheet are just numbers! They are not living beings. They are not you. They will fail terribly when you try to define yourself through them. You give them meaning. You are your own experiment and scientist, a living being dealing with the only constant in life, change. Play with the numbers and words instead of being played by them.

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