[Y]ral: In A Lie Detector Test On Their Kids, These Dads Ask The Most Hilariously Awkward Questions

Posted on June 21, 2015 in Society, Video

By PV Durga:

It’s the children’s turn this time to face the lie-detector test, with their Dads grilling them this time! If “Ma Kasam” was your ultimate lie detector test during your growing up years (and still is, for other reluctant grown-ups like me), this video is about to turn the tables.

What’s more fun in a lie detector test? Knowing that something is a lie, or implying the truth behind it? In this video, fathers ask their children, who are tied to lie detectors, some sharp, yet funny questions. What ensues is hilarious! Right from “truths” about spending their dad’s money on drugs, to finding out about the child’s favorite parent, this video is sure to make you laugh. The funny revelations will leave you asking for more, and will make you want to give your dad a tight hug, for the amazing role he plays in your life. Fathers’ Day is back, and how!