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Hey Internet! What Is Your Food Horror Story?

Posted on June 3, 2015 in Staff Picks

Bad food can ruin relationships.
It has ruined dates, and careers and lifelong friendships.

We are a generations of Foodgrammers (Food + Instagram you guys!)
We take our food to heart, and liver, and stomach and intestines.

But remember that visit to a restaurant after which you felt a strange squirming sensation in the pits of your stomach? The time you immediately got yourself checked for jaundice after having the sambhar?
Or the time when your roasted chicken came with a topping of kitchen scraps?
Or when a dark, dingy ambience just sucked the sunshine out of you?

fly on food

Sometimes these horrifying experiences make for some of the most fun story swapping sessions. Like you wouldn’t believe it but one time when I went to this place where the power went off and the roof started leaking water right into my big bowl of ice-cream!

So here, we are inviting you to share the stories of your most not-so-memorable eating out experiences. Because even in our tragedies there is some comedy and of course, sharing is caring!

So time to put your Gordon Ramsay on!

Share your stories, in about 400 words and send them to The best stories will get published!