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#INeedStraightPride To Point Out How Plain Ridiculous Homophobia Is

Posted on June 18, 2015 in LGBTQ, Media, Taboos

By Pamela Eapen

The gay community has seen many forms of support from allies over the past decade – but none of them have been quite as funny as #INeedStraightPride.

Trending on Twitter, #INeedStraightPride, or #INeedStraightPrideBecause, takes a hilarious dig at all the heterosexuals who claim their rights are somehow infringed upon by the presence of homosexuals in society.
The whole thing started out with a parody account, @STRAIGHTPERSON using the hashtag in response to a homophobic Facebook group’s call to hold a “Straight Pride” month.

It’s sad that there are still millions of people who choose not to understand the significance behind things like LGBT+ Pride Month that show support for the oppressed minorities of society. The challenges faced by gay people on a daily basis – bullying in schools, societal ostracism, violence – are certainly no laughing matter. But put straight people in the same situation, and suddenly the complaints they make about feeling threatened by homosexuals seem utterly ridiculous.

Twitter went all out, poking fun at the entitled, privileged mind-set that heterosexuals tend to adopt when talking about gay people.

It even sent a well-deserved jibe the Duggars’ way.

And some of them just want to point how plain ridiculous homophobia really is.

#INeedStraightPride is a great way to bring perspective to issues that are consistently trivialised by narrow-minded heterosexuals. It’s also a great way to tell bigoted straight people to get their heads out from where the sun doesn’t shine and to look at all the pretty rainbows. (And when I say “rainbows” I mean queer people. And queer pride. And Twitter.)

Basically, this tweet sums it up:

Special mention of this poor soul, whose geometric orientation is not quite what he’d hoped it would be.