[Y]ral: John Oliver Has A Unique Suggestion For The ‘Racist’ Confederate Flag

Posted on June 23, 2015

By Anisha Padma:

John Oliver opened his show, Last Week Tonight, with the terrorist attack on Charleston’s Emanuel AME church that killed nine people. This attack is one of many violent and hate-motivated events that have taken place this year. And despite this, no changes to gun legislation occurred or have the possibility of occurring due to “politics” President Obama alluded heartbreakingly. Oliver acknowledged this as well and focused on the roots of why this racially motivated shooting took place. White supremacy still reigns proud today in South Carolina and the most evident indicator of that is the Confederate flag flying over the capitol. This flag has been a source of contention for numerous decades. While staunch supporters such as Senator Lindsey Graham claim it as part of their history and culture and defend that it had been misappropriated to promote racism, John Oliver hilariously contended that the inception of the flag itself was racist. Although there are strict laws governing the Confederate flag, John Oliver offered a fantastic solution for South Carolina and the other states still flying the flag. Do you agree with Oliver or do you have an even better idea? Watch this video and tell us what you think South Carolina should do!

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