[Y]ral: Because We Love Kung Fu! This 80’s Parody Is A Laugh Riot

Posted on June 3, 2015

By Abhishek Jha

Wacky just got reinvented. In a crowdfunded half hour movie, David Sandberg does a five-point-palm-exploding-heart on the Eighties’ action movies and kicks ass. A parody of the martial-arts/action/superhero genre, Kung Fury is perhaps going to be the next big YouTube sensation after Gangnam.

What in Indian lingo could be a Rajni joke writ large, this eponymous movie is the story of a cop turned kung-fu cop who has the most surprising of all kung fu-esque names – Kung Fury. Ticking off clichés one by one, you have everything that you would find in a cult action movie from those bygone times when even a futuristic mobile phone looked like a box: divine intervention, terse punch lines, time-travel, and a maniacal Adolf Hitler. But of course old villain Adolf cannot do without a Kung punched to his name and rechristens himself as Kung Fuhrer. The point of the movie is to revisit those ageing clichés all at once to, well, split them, the characters, and the audience apart, something we could be doing with the Marvel movies 20 years later.

Sandberg had first filmed a trailer that released in 2013, after which he started looking for funds on Kickstarter to produce the movie. While he had only asked for $200,000, he has raised about $630,000 by now. The movie finally out and streaming on YouTube already has about 7 million views and awaits your irresistible click.

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