“My Superpower Was That I Could Hear Voices And Slip Into Delusions Of My Choosing”

Posted on June 16, 2015 in Health and Life, Mental Health, Taboos

By John Thekkayyam:

I ride a bicycle every day from daybreak till the roads become full of automobiles. It has a basket that carries my phone, wallet and camera. On this day, I decided to haul the bike up a walk bridge, to cross over to the other side where a tree lined avenue awaited me. The two men on the bridge were apparently regular walkers and there was this wonderful play of sunlight on one side of the wire mesh so I thought, let’s shoot this from the bike with one hand like Zen monks clapping.

It all fell in place while editing. I thought it would be a good time to officially come out about my mental illness and all I had was one and a half minutes. The bit from the Syd Barret tribute was an obvious choice; also it was the music I grew up with never knowing it would make sense this way. Most memories and anecdotes of my illness are shocking, humiliating and cringe worthy despite my best efforts at compensating. The spotlight invariably shines on them all the time. As a survivor, I would like to move the spotlight towards other areas and maybe piece together a story that sheds more light on my illness and changes the way people see us.

John Thekkayyam was an officer in the merchant navy in the 1980s and 90s, and is now a writer, radio professional and weather junkie who also makes YouTube videos.