[Y]ral: The Iconic ‘Nokia Tune’ Was Taken From This Classical Spanish Song, From 1902!

Posted on June 5, 2015 in Specials, Video

By Sanskriti Pandey:

Ever since it first chimed into our lives as the call for conversation, the instantly recognisable Nokia ringtone has travelled generations all the way to today! Face it – you could recognise it in your sleep if you had to. It’s origin isn’t something one wonders about either; it has been what it has always been. The Nokia tune.

But here’s something you couldn’t have guessed: this iconic 4-second tune, which took on many transformative styles through the years, originates back to the year 1902! The ringtone is a ‘phrase’ off ‘Gran Vals’, a guitar composition by classical Spanish composer and guitarist Francisco Tàrrega, which Nokia later used as ‘Grande Valse’. You can find the ringtone bits at 0:12 and 2:29 in this 3 minute piece. Read more about it here, and give this beautiful composition a listen!

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