[Y]ral: Heartwarming Ad By Pedigree Tackles Race, Shows What We Can Learn About Love From Dogs

Posted on June 9, 2015 in Society, Video

By Sanskriti Pandey:

Advertisements are increasingly becoming bold in their choice to let their stand on an issue become a selling point. Harping on that latest trend, this Pedigree ad goes on to bring race and dogs together.

A man sets out from his house to walk his dog in a locality that seems ‘hostile’ to him. He is grumpy and irritable, until they stumble upon another man-dog duo. Tensions mount, and for a moment, it is uncertain what could be coming. But what happens next completely steers your mind away from the men and leaves you smiling.

This ad is aplenty in symbols that are open to interpretation, including the possibility that it touches upon racism. Some may argue that it’s only about human nature and its susceptibility to change. Others yet may find it to revolve around the friction between cultures. But what it definitely is about, of course, is dogs and their superpower of love! Watch this #FeedTheGood ad and tell us what strikes you the most.

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