For Slapping Joffrey For All Of Us: Happy Birthday Peter Dinklage, Urf Tyrion Lannister!

Posted on June 11, 2015 in Culture-Vulture

By Anugraha Hadke

Spoiler Alert: You have been warned. Don’t blame us for ruining your life.

It is hard to not go into crazy fangirl/boy mode for most Game Of Thrones followers while talking about Peter Dinklage as the witty and honourable Tyrion Lannister.

Previously known for some very impressive roles in movies like Elf, Find Me Guilty, and most recently in X Men Days Of Future Past, Dinklage has clearly outdone himself with GoT (if you’re a fan, you’ll know). His Emmy and Golden Globe awards are well deserved.

The actor, with his powerful performance, has created a character that is way too cool for the others to handle, Tyrion is probably the only Lannister worth paying attention to. He is not only smart, he’s one of the few who has his head on straight (wine guzzling and an indiscriminate love for women aside). It’s been almost five seasons, and there are innumerable instances where he totally won the episode.

On Peter Dinklage’s birthday, here are five Tyrion Lannister moments that were stand-up-and-slow-clap worthy.

1. Gyan to Jon Snow:

Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.
Back in the first season, when he meets the ‘bastard’ of Winterfell, the ‘Imp’ gives him this advice so wise, you’d expect it from a Grand Maester. This was one of the first of several moments that made me go “Yay Tyrion!

2. One Tight Slap!

Even though he slapped Joffrey in the second episode of the first season as well (no I’m not obsessed, this is just good research), that moment when he slapped him after Joffrey became king was awesome on another level. If only Joffrey had learned something from those slaps.

3. The Battle At Blackwater:

Till the Battle of Blackwater happened, it seemed that all Tyrion was good for were witty comebacks and wise crack comments. But when he stepped forward to lead the army of King’s Landing to fight Stannis Baratheon’s approaching army, with some crazy Wildfire pyronics, it proved that he was quite the warrior too.

P.S. The scar across his face made him look like quite the badass methinks.

4. Saving Sansa Stark:

Tyrion’s love for women was so famous that it reached the North long before Winter did. With no brothel left ‘unturned’, one would have expected this Lannister to have his way with Sansa Stark the second she was betrothed to him. Not only does he give her utmost respect after they get married, he puts his life on the line to save hers. Such honour. So endearing.

tyrion sansa game of thrones

The closing of season four’s finale could not have been more epic for TyFannisters (yes I just came up with that). The badass that he is, after killing the woman who betrayed his love with his bare hands, Tyrion shoots his father with a crossbow while Papa Lannister is gracing the royal throne, read chamberpotty. So many wins in less than five minutes.

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