[Y]ral: “My Period Is Not My Shame And #IAmNotDown”

Posted on June 15, 2015 in Menstruation, Society, Taboos, Video

By Kanika Katyal:

The girl who kicked Yo Yo Honey Singh’s misogynistic ass is back to debunk all your menstruation myths.

Remember ‘those wonder years’ when puberty first hit you and the world suddenly became bamboozling? When we were first exposed to the NCERT definition of menstruation with the prying eyes of the teacher looking to catch concealed smiles?

I remember how I was obsessed with constantly checking the back of my skirt in school, during ‘that time of the month’. There is a certain kind of ‘veiling’ which is implied for a girl when she hits her period. Society hands us down a set of guidelines on how a girl is to conduct herself in public, and with it come an entire list of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. The ‘stain’ on our whites, suddenly becomes like a stain on our honour.

Rene Sharanya Sharma asserts that a girl is not “down” or “low”, but just as much equipped to hike, bicycle, or run even while on period. Watch this powerful performance and tell us what you think!

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This Fiery Poet Destroys Everyone Who Says Women On Their Period Are “Down”