“We Were Killed Because Of Our Ideas And Beliefs”: On Karachi Terror Attacks That Killed 47

Posted on June 8, 2015 in GlobeScope

By Sohail Muhammad Ali

I am nothing but a corpse now, a wounded body in a bus which is present near Al- Azhar Garden. I drew my last breath five minutes ago as my heart stopped beating, my face, my forehead and cheeks crushed, and my mouth filled with blood. I know that I have unclothed my soul from my body and left the material world forever.

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I know what happened with the passengers of the bus, but I don’t want to envelop my pain in words, because words cannot bear the burden of the pain of a dying person. I do not want anyone to express my pain on my behalf. It is the tragedy of the materialistic world that those who experience cannot express and those who express do not know the reality.

I was a young boy 17 years of age. I was energetic and very optimistic about my future but I did not know that I had to sacrifice my life like the students of Army Public School. I asked myself only one question, “What could be the cause of my death?

Now I am a soul which left the wounded body behind, therefore I can express myself freely and fearlessly. I think, the core cause of my death was my identity. I heard that nobody can live without an identity but I learned from my experience that in the present world, identity is a crime. It is a fact that I and those who were in a bus had to pay the price of their identity.

Everyone has the right to live with his or her own identity but we were killed because our thoughts, ideas and beliefs  were different from those who killed us. I wished I had no identity. I pray for those who are still alive and at risk because they have identities.

The writer is a university professor and regularly writes on social issues.