[Y]ral: “What Do Indian Women Really Want?” – Here’s A Reality Check

Posted on June 10, 2015 in Society, Taboos, Women Empowerment

By Kanika Katyal:

Popular culture tells you that this is a mystery which not even the gods of Olympus could solve. For centuries, a number of answers have been formulated, and conclusions (founded upon personal assumptions, or stereotypes fabricated by cultural norms) have been handed down to us by men as if they had women all ‘figured-out’. But I wonder if it ever crossed their mind to hear it from the horse’s mouth?

YouTube Channel ‘Frame Her Right’ sets out to address this eternal dilemma through this video. They went around the country and asked a bunch of Indian men from different walks of life. The answers revolve around “money”, “sex”, or “someone cute or sweet” in their life.

Then women were asked the same question. As shocking a revelation as it may sound, women proclaim that their lives do not revolve around men! Watch the video to find out:

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