[Y]ral: ‘What Do You Think Of Abortion?’ – We Asked A Few People, And This Is What They Had To Say

Posted on July 3, 2015 in Abort The Stigma, Health and Life, Sexual Health, Society, Taboos, Video

By Kanika Katyal:

“Abortion is murder.”
“Only selfish women have an abortion.”
“Abortion is used as birth control.”
“Women who have an abortion regret it later.”

For many people, an image of a distressed, aggrieved, and remorseful woman comes to mind when they hear the word ‘abortion’.

The issue of abortion in India is very stigmatized, thereby limiting an open discourse around it and reinforcing the stigma. Myths and misconceptions, fabricated by culture, dominate people’s perceptions about abortion. These myths further strengthen the regressive patriarchal norms around women’s sexuality, bodily autonomy and integrity and negatively impact their health. CREA’s campaign #AbortTheStigma seeks to provide a platform to raise awareness, enable open conversations around abortion and address the stigma and shame associated with abortion.

Despite all of our claims to progress, have things really changed when it comes to the condition of women? Have we really started having the difficult conversations on gender equality and sexuality? Or do we still cave in to the problematic norms and misconceptions around abortion? Watch this video to find out what young India thinks about abortion.