Launching Our Latest: Cake!

Posted on July 27, 2015 in Staff Picks, Youth Ki Awaaz news

Far too many times many of us find ourselves in the midst of conversations on gender, sex and sexuality, that either have us wondering what the terms being thrown around are, or that would someone please just simplify the jargon for us. Too many custodians of truth sit around bartering in opinions and views that leave little place for difference, for a question, for a query, or just a curious look from a bystander. Curiosity loses to intimidation and a conversation that fails to be inclusive, and we continue on our path of ignorance. Unwillingly so.

cake logoWith Cake, we’re hoping to change all of that.

Issues concerning gender and sexuality impact the daily lives of all who inhabit this world, consciously or unconsciously. And it is only fair that we together figure the best way to learn and share with each other, our understanding of things like identity, gender rights etc. This conversation is going to be vast, mind you – from how we view one another, our speech and deportment, to how much power each individual is allowed to wield, and how we contribute to these systems of power.

We’re hoping to cover more ground and explore new angles all in a fun way (we’re called Cake after all), all the while making sure the gender and sexual spectrum gets the recognition it rightly deserves. To infinity and beyond!

So what goes on Cake? (Besides icing, that is) Your articles, your views, and, most importantly, your voice. Tuck into light but punchy flavours as we peel away the layers of gender, sex and sexuality. Cake is a collaborative effort, mixing together diverse voices on issues that matter – identity, education, health, empowerment and much more. We are committed to challenging the status quo. We are about to re-orient ourselves. Join us, won’t you?

Spoons at the ready! It’s time you had some Cake.

PS: Why Cake, you ask? Because we need a sweet start to the conversation.

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