This 9 Minute Video Reveals The Dark Side Of The Green Revolution, And Why It Matters Today

Posted on July 12, 2015 in Environment, Health and Life, Video

By Akhil Kumar:

A nine-day long online film festival about food and farming called “9×9 Online Film Festival” starts today. As part of this online film festival, 9 short-films about food and farming will be made available to the public. These films have been made by ‘The Source Project‘, and they claim that the sole objective behind these films is to help people understand the reality of what’s really happening to the world’s food and farming systems, and why.

In 1966, India embraced chemical based agriculture, which was ironically called the ‘Green Revolution‘. In this film, which is the first in the series of the 9 films, interviews with Indian food policy analyst Devinder Sharma, and the farming community of Punjab reveal a grim picture of a failed system. Devinder Sharma warns that Punjab might become a ‘citadel‘ of a devastating ‘development model‘ as we are now witnessing the beginning of the second Green Revolution in India. “The Punjab in the north west of India was an experiment to test an oil based, chemically dependent, corporately controlled model. The land, the water and its inhabitants are now testament to a failed system. A system driven not by a desire to enhance an already sustainable system but to destroy it and replace it with one orientated around profit and plunder,” says the video description. Watch the full video here and tell us what you think. To know more about the film festival, visit The Rules’ website.

Not a very Green Revolution from the source project on Vimeo.

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