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Skirting The Issue: The Problem That Is More Serious Than Radhe Maa’s Choice Of Clothes

Posted on August 12, 2015 in Society

By Anugraha Hadke:

Indians are God loving, and God fearing people. We are constantly looking for ways to please the Almighty, good Karma et al. Sadly, in this quest for nirvana, they fall prey to ‘Godmen’ and ‘Godwomen’ who claim to be the ultimate messengers of God.

The latest Godperson to grab media attention is the exquisitely dressed Radhe Maa who, drenched in red, greets and treats her devotees in the most incredible ways. Her choice of clothes, jewellery, and make-up have become the center of numerous jokes and comments, with even Rishi Kapoor pitching in his input on Twitter.

It is strange that what she wears, which should ideally be her choice entirely, has caught more attention than what she actually does. A case of dowry has been filed against her by a woman in Mumbai who has alleged that Radhe Maa incited her in-laws to demand dowry, and forced her to serve the ‘self-proclaimed Godwoman’.

While the case against her for obscenity is highly subjective (I think the whole concept of obscenity is), a case of dowry should be taken more seriously.

However, the charge against her seems fairly insignificant when compared to existing cases against other ‘Godpersons’.

The first one that comes to mind has to be Asaram Bapu, what with the rape charges against him, and several witnesses involved in the case being killed in broad daylight.

One would have assumed that such a serious allegation and the murders linked with it would create some doubts in the minds of followers. Apparently not. The number of devotees visiting his Ashram increased in the last two years after the case was filed.

And who can possibly not know ‘God’s Own Messenger’ Guru Ram Rahim Singh, with his equally bold choice of clothes, adventurous stunts and blockbuster songs? Despite the fact that there is a rape charge filed against him, along with another investigation on his alleged involvement in the mass castration of 400 men, Guruji has followers that could fill up stadiums.

What is it about these ‘Godpersons’ that make us into blind followers of deceit? Is it simply the grandeur they exude that makes us believe that these people are indeed safe-keepers of religion and that they can truly ‘talk’ to God? Or is it that we undermine ourselves by believing that we need someone else’s help and reassurance to establish that we are good human beings?

Whatever the reason, it is high time that we take these holy men and women off the pedestals they have made for themselves by taking advantage of our beliefs and superstitions. Let’s put some logic behind our faith, and some faith behind ourselves. At the end of the day, the whole point of it is to be good human beings, isn’t it? Be your own Godperson!