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Exclusive: Jasleen Kaur On Her Side Of The Story, And The Allegations Against Her

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By Jasleen Kaur

Editor’s note: On 23rd August 2015, Jasleen Kaur posted a photo of a man on social media stating that he had made “obscene comments at her near Tilak Nagar”, and threatened her. A day later, the case took over social media, and news media reported that there was evidence and allegation that Jasleen’s account wasn’t entirely true. Here is Jasleen’s side of the story, written by her. 

Four days ago, I was a normal Delhi University college goer. And suddenly, within a day, the world became upside- down for me. Applauded and saluted on Day 1 for standing up against what people would describe as an ‘everyday affair’, people eulogised me as a ‘brave heart’ for what I had done. I had clicked and posted the picture of a guy, who had abused, humiliated and threatened me of dire consequences on a busy intersection in Tilak Nagar. The picture went viral overnight. Perhaps it struck a cord with people. Perhaps it had happened to every other girl in Delhi, and perhaps everyone wanted to voice it someday, somehow.

jasleen kaur

On Day 2, the winds took a different direction. I was amidst a tornado of responses, being called names, apart from AAP’s pawn trying to hog the limelight for the forthcoming University elections, and even accused me of running away from an interview.

Hereby, I seek to clarify my position alongside various conspiracy theories that have surfaced on social media.

And The Story Goes..

Yes I told the boy- “Bhaiya red light hai (the traffic signal is red),” when he was about to go straight and cross the signal. He got offended, got off from his bike and started walking towards me saying, “Problem kya hai be tereko? (what’s your problem?)“. When I took out my phone to take his picture he said “Jo karna hai kar le. Ruk main pose deta hun, photo le (do whatever you want. Wait, I’ll pose for you, now take the photo),” and sat back on his bike posing for a picture and also said “Zada problem hai to aaja, aage Janak Puri tak chhodh aata hun (If you have any more problems I’ll drop you till Janak Puri).” When I clicked his picture and a picture of his number plate, he hurled abuses at me and told me,Ab complaint karke dikha, fir dekh main kya karta hun tere sath (Wait and see what I’d do to you if you file a complaint).” I answered- “Ye tab pata chalega jab police ayegi tumhare ghar (You’ll find that out when the police comes to your house).” He stood there with his bike for some more time till the signal for straight on goers turned green. The road towards ‘left’ was completely clear (as is visible from the picture I shared), but he went straight over the flyover. He has been claiming that he headed towards Tilak Nagar, but the flyover he took goes across Tilak Nagar.

The Witness

The witness who ‘claims’ to be, has a different narrative of the incident altogether, and his testimony seems, ostensibly, inconsistent with my claims. We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness. For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law.

Connection With AAP

Foremost, my connection with AAP is incidental and my pictures with Arvind Kejriwal across social media are from a year ago. The particular case and the party have no connections altogether. Drawing connections is like saying ‘I was wearing a white t-shirt today and that is why the bird pooped on me.’

Further, my being a part of St. Stephen’s College prohibits me from contesting elections at the University level. Also, my picture on the traffic signal is an old picture in which I was volunteering alongside with some locals from my area.


Had it been for publicity, no girl would go through the hassle of filing a complaint with the police, going to the court for statements, visiting the police station and narrating “us din hua kya tha (what happened that day)” a hundred times. Yes, I made that effort to file a complaint that very moment.

Running Away

A news channel contacted me promising me that I would not be sitting on the same panel as the accused or with any of his family members, the reason being -I was not comfortable with speaking to the same guy who abused and humiliated me on the street, which is still fresh in memory. And also, the accused had threatened me of morphing my pictures on another channel just an hour ago. It perplexes me as to how media thinks of itself as super-judge, putting the victim on the same table as the accused and asking the victim to talk it out. My aim of speaking with the media was not to debate, but to put forward my narrative of the fateful day.

As a citizen of the country, I understand that the narrative I pose is the closest narrative alongside the man I have accused. Again, we have a judicial system in our country to deliberate over and resolve cases and it becomes our duty as citizens to not be influenced by the coloured news claims of channels which walk in with their own prerogative in mind and end up giving the impression of being an alternative court of justice.

All I did was dare to tell him that he can’t. All I did was click a picture so that he doesn’t escape with what he threw at me. All I wanted to do was act fast as the man had threatened me with dire consequences if I dared to complain. For all that it is worth, all I wanted was to never see or hear of another girl go silent when abused, because we are taught that silence is the best response on the streets. After all of this, if you are abused and shamed publicly because you chose not to be silent, and if this is what happens if someone raises their voice, I doubt anyone will ever raise their voice again. Well, I will and I urge every other responsible citizen to do so, because it is not about one particular incident on 23rd of August, but about thousands happening every day.

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  1. Deepanker

    First of all..always calling a girl “victim” any matter is not just looks so obvious to be a conversation out of hands.Both sides, not able to handle their mighty(LOL) ego’s.
    She talks about all goody about herself, being a volunteer, helping traffic situations, kinda immature attempt for a person taking an event to a different level, putting the things in altogether different perspective.

    1. SUPER-EGO

      The girl called herself a victim because she felt so. And there are no surprises here because I wrote it, her Ubermach.

    2. vaibhs

      First of all…on first day you never mentioned that you were managing traffic and acting as a volunteer. Its was you who initiated contact with the guy…but you painted such a picture initially in your interviews as if the guy approached you and harassed you. It was after the witness popped up that you changed your narrative. To the best…it was a heated argument between two adults… but you made it into a whole new thing..may be just to massage your ego…and you never thought even in your wildest dreams that a witness would pop up. As far as the witness is concerned nobody wants to run here and there to record statements just like you said it yourself…. so if he came forward… he knew that he will be grilled….nobody wants to burn their hands unless they are sure of what they are talking about. Your bad luck that someone was there to witness all this….otherwise you would have got away with this coz nobody would have believed that guy if he was alone.

    3. MV


      The answer to your first question is that she was managing traffic a year ago there. Now that she has been to the area, and she has a connection with managing traffic, she told the guy to stop at the red light because she follows the rules.

      Now on first day she wouldn’t tell that to the media, because that was an old picture.

      The guy can buy witnesses, how do you know Vishwajit was there? Does the media have proof that he is, actually the real eye witness. How do you know he isn’t with Vishwajit?

    4. Sandeep


      Ok as per you we should not trust Vishwajit, lets agree for a while.

      Why should we trust Jasleen just on the basis of a pic?
      Why did she falsely accused the guy for molestation?
      Why did she posted this guys pic on Facebook and used very strong words against him?
      Was she herself aware of traffic rules when she was giving orders to other, and how are youso sure she was not wrong?
      Calling someone has bought witnesses and sounding yourself as highly biased doesn’t makes sense.
      Ms. Jasleen has done a blunder by unnecessarily exaggerating the incident by lynching the guy just to satisfy her ego. She should be ashamed of that.

      Thinking neutrally:
      I am sure there would be a CCTV footage at the signal and that would be more conclusive.

    5. Gaurav

      I lost you at the typical stereotypical statement – “no girl would go through the hassle of filing a complaint with the police…”. No Jasleen, there is no evidence to prove that statement, so stop using it as an argument.

      You have a problem with the journalistic ethics of a particular news channel that didn’t support you. Why don’t you also say something about the guy’s interview taken by a Times Now reporter labeling him a pervert and calling him names from the let go on national TV without even listening to his side of the story?

      Oh! and please, don’t use “if this is what happens if someone raises their voice, I doubt anyone will ever raise their voice again.” to your support. We all want right voices to be raised against misbehavior, but as you yourself said, media isn’t the judgem jury and executioner and we can’t allow voices to detroy someone’s life before being proven true. Makes sense? I hope it does.

  2. Pankaj Kumar

    Jasleen Kaur
    You have done a commendable job by reporting your complaint. But the problem about complaint is that there is no conclusive evidence against that guy. Mere a picture won’t tell anyone what had happened that evening. Even the eye witness had different story to tell. But it should be left to the judiciary process & unless accused proven guilty you must have abstained from posting that pic on social media. You just wanted to punish that guy yourself. You didnt give any second thought that this can ruin the life of that guy. You were being praised in the media. Our media has lost the standard. They behaved like small child & started thrashing that boy for their revenues. Even they have given it a political angle. The guy,if proven innocent must sue those media houses for ruining his life & damaging his image. Being a third person, I cant comment more but as a citizen i can expect people to be responsiblr in their actions.

    1. shirish

      Sarbjeet if you can see this message, sue Arnob and Times now for 100cr rupees atleast, if ( most likely ) you’ll be proven not guitly.

    2. Gaurav

      Agreed man, The way how Times now portray that guy even before making any investigation was really shameful. I mean calling someone pervert on national TV,and even he called him potential rapist. And what’s more he was not in mood to atleast hear others on that show,who were talking more sensible than him and his colleague.

    3. Raj

      Its all because of below IPC Section 509 , this could make a guy guilty… i donot know the truth but seems like the guy is innocent, but the IPC 509 can make this guy guilty be careful..

      Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, of that such gesture or object shall be seen, by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.
      Classification of offence
      Punishment—Simple imprisonment for 1 year, or fine, or both—Cognizable—Bailable—Triable by any Magistrate—Compoundable by the woman whom it was intended to insult or whose privacy was intruded upon with the permission of the court.

    4. Sachin

      I agree with u Shirish. Times now must face the consequences of ruining a guys life. I saw that shameless lady reporter in the park interviewing sarvjeet and calling him pervert shameless and all and asking him to apologise . With confidence though. Who the hell are they to judge. They should apologise to him publicly.

    5. Hemant

      From the earlier narrative of verbal exchanges between the guy and the girl, it seems the the guy’s mistake was that (1) He used the usual Delhi language, Problem kya hai be tereko? (what’s your problem?) (2) He said he wants to turn left, but he wasn’t standing on the left side and road (3) He said he wants to go left, but went straight.

      If that comes in the definition of ‘eve-teasing’, the guy must be hanged,

  3. Lakshya

    From this conversation between sarvjeet and jasleen (as reported by jasleen) , I feel there was no way he harassed / molested /outraged modesty or physically intimaded her.
    Even if the story is true it makes no sense of all the charges she has filed.

  4. rahul

    By reading just this very article one can deduce that u are at fault

    Firstly, according to you he hurled abuses at you. Lets say he showed his middle finger. In a country where this takes place once in every four minutes, since when did this become sexual harrasment / leching / pervert behaviour / molestation

    Let’s say he used the F word for you (a word which I have received at least two hundred times, from boys and girls, in my life). What is the punishment for that? One night in jail? Thousand rupees fine? Is this crime sufficient for him to be called “India’s most shameless lout?”

    You shared his pic on social media, with the adjectives “Creep”, and you never stopped people from abusing him. But when people are speaking about the eye-witness, you say (a typical diplomatic statement) “For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law.”

    Then wasnt law sufficient when it came to making judgement about the guy? Why did you shame him publicly?

    He never touched you. Do you even know the meaning of molestation? Did he flash his private
    parts to you? There are women in this country who actually get molested. They will be ashamed after reading your story.

    Times Now called him “India’s most shameless pervert”. Why did’t you intervene them and tell them, “This was exactly what he said”

    You are at fault

    1. Gaurav

      Exactly man..
      I want to add one more point, Jasleen didi(Sarcasm) said she didn’t want to face accuse or eye-witness. I mean seriously , you are filling FIR against someone and what do you think you will not face him in trial. :/
      Come on,you are tagged as braved heart and now you are running from face to face questions? How do you expect people to believe in you yaar.

  5. Sumit Asnani

    Towards the ending you’re writing ,”we have a judicial system let it decide “. If that’s so why did you put his picture online, did you find any court or here on social media platform for you ???

    In the beginning you write,” on the first day I was appreciated, this that ”
    At that time you were enjoying the sympathy,
    When he got arrested, without even given a chance to speak his part that time your celebrating.
    And now you want people to listen to your part,,, why,???
    Why shouldn’t you get arrested, when he even has eye witness and logical proves against you.
    You said you cannot be on the same conversation platform with him , why?? You think yourself of being above him or what ??
    He shouldn’t get a chance to speak his part but should get to make a movie on it, and it should believed in that way only (applause)

    You seem to be a female chauvinist terrorist

    1. Harry

      In a country which is endemic for disrespecting women and raping underage girls, we should all be supporting Jasleen Kaur in that she stood up this overbearing man. His approach towards women should be reserved and respectful and not threatening in the way it was. That cultural approach is what India used to be known for and should again be adopting in the future.

      His rude and threatening manner in which he got off his bike and spoke to this young girl is disgraceful.

    2. amit

      Moron India is still better than countries like UK and US and many western countries when it comes to crimes/1000 or rapes/1000. Go and fly your kite somewhere else.

    3. Rajveer

      Hey Harry did YOU see the guy getting down from the bike and hurling abuses? How do you know that the girl did not verbally abuse him at the spot. Well, she has been calling him a creep on Television so we might as well expect that she might not have kept quiet. And the COURT will decide? Seriously? Yes perhaps we should keep all our faith in an “honorable “(?)legal system which is supporting misandry in the name of equality (e.g. Spot FIRs and arrests for sexual molestation “accused” even if they are accused or not, no rules to punish women who physically assault men, etc.? Alimony False dowry cases etc.) Perhaps the commercial is right (though in a diff. context)- “Why should boys have all the fun?”

    4. Saurabh

      “His rude and threatening manner in which he got off his bike and spoke to this young girl is disgraceful.” as if you were present there and you witnessed this?
      And even if that happened, how can it be labelled as sexual harassment.
      With your logic, you can be labelled to spread terror speeches and anti national statements.

    5. Ramesh

      As per you, disrespecting women and raping underage girls happens in India. Hence we should believe Jasleen kaur, bcoz she is a girl and boys are naturally liar. “His approach towards women should be reserved and respectful”. You want the guy to back 20 feets and come near to the girl and say sorry didi, aisi galti dobara nahi hogi. sorry yaar..
      Here the girl opened her heart out and said the real from her perspective. Still there is not a slightest proof of the guy being a molester, pervert what he was labelled as. It was simply a heated argument between both. This could have happened with two male persons. That time nobody would have labelled as sexual harassment. I am afraid, if this is labelled as sexual harassment, what an woman will think of this who goes through the trauma of sexual harassment in real. Really Jasleen, you made an issue out of nothing and putting women into problem more than men.

    6. Ash

      Well said.

  6. Sandeep

    I’m following the case, and my view is completely unbiased. I neither support the guy nor I support you.
    As I see from many Videos from youtube. I saw one particular video in which you are being interviewed by “India News” and the Correspondent tell you that you are “DU ki Daring Jasleen” and it is about at 2:46 mins after the video starts playing that you proudly accept that you are. Which goes against your claim under “Connection With AAP”
    How can you just walk away from an interview when the correspondent is talking to you and more importantly how can you just rubbish off the witness. When people responded to you the first day with appreciations, you had the same responsibility to respond to the same people that you had done nothing wrong. This shows that you didn’t stand up for yourself(taking your issue with social media).
    When news channels /people cornered you just became so agitated, this also goes against all the claims you made.

    On the other hand, the guy got the bail and he is free now. He took the interview boldly and denied he wont apologize. Well that’s something !!

    May the truth prevail and all the best !!

    1. Kumud

      “Set an example for other girls”? – & then you claim to have an unbiased opinion? We willingly accepted Jasleen’s version the 1st day & the very next day gladly ‘slutted’ her out. & both times on evidences that can at best be circumstantial & unsubstantiated.
      Now for a moment, believing Jasleen was at the wrong, what high moral pedestal are we at to pass judgement at her? & let’s not fool ourselves into believing that we are standing for Sarabjit & not against Jasleen. The entire tone & the firebrand passion to put Jasleen in the wrong is massive. A 20yr old something is being virtually molested on the social media, on our TV screens and we are participating in it. Even if she was wrong, is this the kind of treatment that she deserves?
      To those who say the false allegation would have ended Sarabjit’s career, stop for one considering yourself as Justice Choudhary and stop passing judgement. Whether he is guilty or not, is for the court to decide, not the all of you & me sitting here on the keyboard. Had the court dismissed the case whether for lack of evidence, or genuine justice, Sarabjit would have walked free & even if he had been found guilty, he would have served his sentence and moved ahead. But now, Jasleen will never have that kind of liberty. We, the so called custodians have already passed our judgement on a girl. There is nothing poetic about this justice

  7. Arun Kumar

    Indians should wake up. Framing a person as accuse in social media without enough evidence. Blind followers of social media!!

    It seems like she took revenge for road rage and spoiled this guy’s life.

    If she is proved fraud, she should get punishment which will set example for all other girls.

  8. Tejaswini

    My respect for Youthkiawaaz has grown so much more. glad that you are giving space to her voice, while everybody else is being antagonistic. Go Jalseen!

    1. Gaurav

      Agreed dear, YKA gave her space,but issue at hand is why didn’t sarvjeet get space to talk his side?,why did he put behind bar without any substantial proofs?, Why he lost his job? Why social media ,precisely Times now and arnab, called him pervert even before verdict? Why did he lost his status in society?
      No one is antagonistic here for Jasleen,neither anyone is trying to give his own conclusion. Everyone’s question is just simple ” was there a real need to socially defame someone even before any verdict? And when you officially complaint about him”
      Dont look at this issue with prism of feminism but look at it as how much social media can ruin someone’s life within 1 day. Really sad 🙁 .

    2. bidyut

      you wanted to impart justice in your own way. and backfired. you filed a complaint ,commendable, i am still giving you the benefit of the doubt. and you yourself said that we as people cant validate the testimony of the witness similarly we cant validate your version as well, and that is why we have a judicial system. and what you did was defamation, our laws don’t allow that, that’s a lawsuit. so on one hand you want it according to procedure on the other hand you have complete disregard to the judiciary.
      but its not about moral or the rules, its about your stupidity, you chose to defame a person on the basis of what, a picture with no concrete evidence whatsoever. that was a childish move and came back to bite you in the ass. if you have concrete evidence post it on the internet, an eve teaser should be shamed in public its high time people understand that disrespect of women will not be tolerated.
      again i am not against the move you made , but did it without any proof whatsoever, that is why you are being slammed ,its only your word against his.

    3. Gurion

      Where to?

  9. Aam Aadmi

    The question of “who is really guilty” – should be left to the courts to decide. However, the larger issue at hand, that Jasleen still has not addressed – is whether it was appropriate for her to name and shame Sarabjeet on social media.

    Today, Jasleen says that it is “our duty as citizens to not be influenced by the coloured news claims of channels”. Yet when the news first broke out, she was gleefully going on news channels and using words like pervert etc to describe Sarabjeet. If she had faith in our judicial system, as she claims, then did she not know that even after her police complaint, the accused is innocent until proven guilty ? Was she not participating in a media trial on Times now, declaring Sarabjeet to be a pervert without the courts having declared him to be guilty. If the courts decide that Sarabjeet was not guilty, who will compensate him for losing his job (as reported by the media), and more importantly for the damage to his reputation and all the mental stress that this incident might have caused him?

    What happened in Tilak Nagar on that night can only be known to Sarabjeet, Jasleen and the few bystanders that witnessed the incident. However, regardless of what happened, Jasleen’s active participation in media trials when the media was on her side, and her running away when the media started to question her version of events – demonstrates a double standard. Also, because of the hype surrounding this case, it is important that police and courts decide on who was guilty asap, and in the situation that the guilt of Sarabjeet is not established, he should sue both Jasleen and media channels like Times now.

    1. Harry

      It is completely appropriate to ‘name and shame’ individuals in public since loosing your name in public and the embarrassment of explaining to his sisters and mother what he has done is the ultimate deterrent from repeating this loutish behaviour in the future. The Indian court system (other than the Supreme Court) is glacial and corrupt so cannot be relied upon to deliver justice in cases like this.

    2. jolly

      Excuse me MR. If Indian judicial system is that much bad then police might have just ignore jasleen’ s statement and instead of arresting the guy would have close the topic there only. But they did not do that. And when it came to social media thing, I don’t think social media give anyone the rights to defame any one where the court has not yet declare him as guilty.

      And if she was threatened of the guy she should have ask police protection. Putting things on social media is completely make no sense. She should have wait till court decide anything, then she should take any further step. I not telling she is telling lie or the guy is telling lie. That is the work of court. I am just telling her way is wrong. Can you even imagine how it will feel if the nation told you a pervert without knowing the complete thing. How it will feel to loose your job in a wrong case.

      Think about it. You state your view that’s fine. May be for you jasleen’ is correct, but do not come to a conclusion by your self and do not blame Indian judicial system.

    3. Larry

      Harry we got your point … it would be completely appropriate to name and shame you for something that you didn’t do so that you learn a lesson for life and embarrassed to face your friends and family… just wait for your turn… we wish someday some egotistical maniac does something like this to you and then we will see how and what you write and explain yourself in media, comment sections of various articles, facebook, twitter.. where ever you like

      grow up dude!!!

  10. Chirag

    On The Newshour Debate she said that the guy said vulgar things about her genitals. So now she forgot that and she’s not mentioning that when she explains what he said to her.
    Also, where is the sexual harassment and eve teasing?

    1. neeraj

      I don’t know if she’s lying or not; but if you understand it from a girl’s point of view, publicizing a verbal molestation and talking about others’ remarks on one’s genitalia is something a 20 year girl will hardly opt to do.
      In timesnow show, she appeared so butthurt while revealing this.
      Anyway, that’s just my speculation like any other netizen.

    2. Sameer

      Exactly the point!! while in the shadow of a lout reporter on timesnow debate she kept saying the word gin-ai-ttulls repeatedly. Ass soon as the witness appeared, her version of the story turned in to a mild road rage incident with an over egotistical insane woman.

  11. lala

    omg wait wait let’s pass no judgements till we know they entire story.
    — Said no one ever to the articles calling jasleen an AAP agent, fake and publicity hungry.

    1. Kiran

      Neither did the people who called Sarabjith India’s most shameless pervert.

  12. vaibhav jain

    First of all…on first day you never mentioned that you were managing traffic and acting as a volunteer. Its was you who initiated contact with the guy…but you painted such a picture initially in your interviews as if the guy approached you and harassed you. It was after the witness popped up that you changed your narrative. To the best…it was a heated argument between two adults… but you made it into a whole new thing..may be just to massage your ego…and you never thought even in your wildest dreams that a witness would pop up. As far as the witness is concerned nobody wants to run here and there to record statements just like you said it yourself…. so if he came forward… he knew that he will be grilled….nobody wants to burn their hands unless they are sure of what they are talking about. Your bad luck that someone was there to witness all this….otherwise you would have got away with this coz nobody would have believed that guy if he was alone.

  13. sandeep

    I have been a recent victim of girls misusing the law against me..not because she wanted to get famous..but simply she didnt know what it meant to term certain things a certain way…but i still stand by jasleen because ‘Tu complaint kar..fir dekh mein kya karta hoon’ a THREAT!!!!

    1. Anisha Bhatt

      You are still a victim and will always be multiple times in the future… because you are still believing the words of a woman as a gospel of truth…. ‘Tu complaint kar..fir dekh mein kya karta hoon’ is surely a threat. But it doesnt prove he said it… Got my point ?

    2. Anjan

      But then every guy gets into such scuffles on a daily basis . You do t put their pics on fab and shame them .It was just an argument , there was no molestation

    3. Naren

      Even if he had said the above statement.. Its just a threat.. Its not molestation in any way.. And threatening someone doesn’t make someone a pervert!!!!

  14. Satish

    So the goons of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena used old pictures to spread lies? And a whole lot of people believed those lies? Says so much about their biases.

    1. San

      she has links to the AAP, she works for AAP just see the link given by one follow comment.

  15. S

    Jasleen, I think your anger got the most of you and doubt whether this incident calls for the hyper aggressive public response . This was a verbal scuffle perhaps lasting for less than couple of minutes and none of what you state above seems to justify the. recent large scale bashing the young man in question received. He was being labelled almost like a rapist or murderer everywhere.

    Anyway , setting aside my personal opinion, it’s still your call to take action against him if you felt he was indeed wrong . You went ahead and lodged a formal FIR with solid evidence. You defamed him on social media .The guy was arrested on the basis of this which should have left you satisfied . However, you decide to take it to higher. levels and sit across channels defaming him publicly which to me dint seem fair to the boy or to his family. Did his verbal banter which was limited to 2-3 minutes at the most deserve such a ruthless blood thirsty reaction from you ???

    At the most , I feel you could have maintained a dignified silence post his arrest for a while and let law take its full course if you were confident about your case.

  16. shirish

    Sarbjeet if you can see this message, sue Arnob and Times now for 100cr rupees atleast, if ( most likely you’ll be) proven not guitly

  17. Lulu

    Let the law take its action.But before that let´s please don’t defame anyone.

    I am following all the posts , videos related to this case since last few days.

    I came across a video in youtube (NDTV Debate) which clearly shows there was connection with AAP.

    Here is the link..

    So, there may be two sides of a story. Whoever is guilty , let the court decide it. Till then let´s keep calm and let´s not pass judgment on anyone.

  18. Anurag Sharma

    Jasleen – I don’t think anybody is denying your claim or you being truthful. But you made a blunder by posting his pic on social media and by doing that you had made him a criminal by default. Judicial systems of the world work on a basic premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Your job was finished when you made complaint to police and you should have waited him to be proven guilty in court before posting his picture of Facebook or Twitter. In whatever way you defend yourself but you are guilty in this whole case not because this guy is right but because you chose wrong course of action. Now if you are really a citizen of India and if you want to salvage your situation then you must publicaly apologise this guy..not because you are wrong but because path you have taken for justice is wrong. You gave enough masala to gossip hungry Indian media and they hanged this poor guy without his case even went in the court. You are wrong here a girl and accept it.!

  19. Sandeep Mishra

    Jasleen stop being a bully. You are using the social media even without going to the law of the land?
    I am confident you were carrying a smart phone, the one you used to take the pictures.
    Did you call the police hot line? Do not you think glory hogs like you are causing much trouble for the genuine justice seekers?
    Second, If the guy was jumping the light it was his problem and by instigating him what you were trying to achieve? Ideally first you need to safe guard your interest. What would have happened if he would have followed you and stopped you on a deserted road.
    So what you did is not bravery rather stupidity.
    You knew that you have some association with AAP and AK and when you started the social campaign you would have been aware that you are dragging others in to this battle for your personal ego and gain.
    Trust me now those people will whip and cane you and will dump you like a trash.
    So ideally you are a girl with brawn and no brain and someone played you, real smart 🙂
    Grow up kiddo.

  20. Siddharth Garg

    Ok, you need to decide what you want a media trial or a court room trial. If you wanted a trial in the court room, you shouldn’t have gone to the media. A trial by definition requires both sides to put up their perspective. You seemed ok with media trial as long as it was in favour of you (ahem ahem Times Now) but you should obviously expect the other side to respond. Now, I don’t know who is wrong or who is right. But you shouldn’t expect us to trust you on your word just because you are a woman. There have been enough cases around us where women have used these means to gain publicity. May be you are one of them, may be you are not. May be it was a simple altercation between the two of you as the guy and the witness claims which has been given the name of sexual abuse. So, either tell the media to just shut up when they come and talk to you (even if its Times Now) but if you decide to talk to them then be ready for these questions. We as people wouldn’t support just on your word, because the consequences of our blind support are dire not only for that guy but also for the women in this country.

  21. Riju

    Jasleen I am sorry but the way you had described the situation earlier was completely different. You had given the world the perception that you had been molested and attacked etc. You had additionally claimed that the man used certain terms which you couldn’t pronounce. What happened to that? I am sorry but the fact that you maligned a man by clicking a picture and posting it on a social media platform and completely misrepresenting the facts shows that you in fact are an attention seeking child. I mean educate me on this please on what evidence did the police arrest sarvjeet? How is it possible that with just a simple picture, which isn’t substantial evidence in any manner mind you, the police arrested him unless if you had political motives? I am an NRI and I live in South Africa and I am appalled by this incident.

  22. kapvg

    Being a Delhite I know Delhi’s traffic and am also aware of the image that Delhi now has about being unsafe for women. I understand that Ms. Jasleen allegedly was verbally abused by Mr. Saravjit at a traffic crossing…using the word allegedly as the part about ‘verbal abuse’ is yet to be proven without a ounce of doubt.
    The Indian media and most of the people on the social media seemed to have a highly biased opinion against men and whenever any such incident comes to light, all sympathy is with the alleged victim and the accused is dragged over hot coals without even getting to understand the actual facts. I do agree that may be in a majority of the cases the man would be at fault but does that give us the right to stand as judge and jury for all??

  23. Riju

    The reason why I mention that I live in South Africa is just to prove that I don’t really care for the political situation in India so I don’t have any political links nor do I have problems with any political parties. I believe that what you did was entirely wrong and I feel that you shouldn’t undermine the intelligence and the capabilities of the general public. I would advise that you issue a formal apology and tell the truth as not only are you changing your tune but you’re insulting all of the women who have had this horrible experience happen to them, realistically. Initially your actions had branded the man in question as a “Pervert” he lost his job thanks to this incident whereas you have received a sizable financial benefit from the government of 50k inr if I am not mistaken and for what? I hope that you understand the effect that your false testimony will have on the future when a woman has to report an incident do you think that anyone will believe them? I believe that the way in which you publicly assassinated Sarvjeets character is despicable. I hope that when this matter reaches the court that you have the fortitude to accept the consequences. I wish you well but I honestly pray that you accept your mistake and not insult our sensibilities any further

  24. Rohit

    I’m a Delhi resident and have a sister and a daughter.
    Jasleen, please don’t make people loose respect for women in general by your dirty act.
    There can’t be more silly reason for running away from facing the witness. Kejriwal ji, my entire family voted for u. Not anymore if you encourage such anti social women to be in your party.
    Tomorrow if my daughter is really harassed no one will believe her because of people like jasleen.
    I have nothing more to say.

  25. Anonymous_5691

    “All I did was click a picture so that he doesn’t escape with what he threw at me. All I wanted to do was act fast as the man had threatened me with dire consequences if I dared to complain.” To the person you just flung allegations, all you did was publicly shame him without any concrete evidence, it is simply your word against his. a photograph and your testimony is not enough to put a man behind bars. And what if he had clicked a photo of you , to do the same. You would have accused this man of eve-teasing, and other acts of atrocities faced by women.
    You were hailed upto the day this witness did not appear, as soon as his narrative came out , it just came across as more honest, and this even asked you on a news channel, “How much time did our conversation last” ? and you replied back that it was not relevant but you answered, “3-4 minutes” . Where in delhi is a red light for 3-4 minutes. Be good with your facts. Be very good with them.
    The last i heard Delhi Commission for Women stated that 53.2 per cent rape cases filed between April 2013-July 2014 are false. See where the scales are tipping.
    The guy has already paid a price with his honour and may be his job, without even being proved guilty. It is your and the police’s prerogative to prove him guilty beyond doubt.

  26. Dr. Amanpreet Kaur

    Jasleen!!! Whatever you are saying is all crap.
    Whatsoever excuse you have provided for running away, it didn’t make sense to me. The people who run away from the truth are the biggest liars. Because of YOU! if the girls in the future will be genuinely teased by some guy, nobody will trust that girl because of the drama you created on social media. Secondly, you are no one to stop the traffic police, you are not eligible to do that stuff if the traffic police is standing there. I think you should focus more on studies and tell Arvind Kejriwal to work properly for Delhi development.
    Lastly, as per you said, if you had already complained about the guy and lodged FIR against him, then why were you creating drama on social media.
    If the person is blessed and honest, nobody can stop that person to come forward with all respect and head held high.
    So wait for the consequences. As you sow so shall you reap.

  27. govind

    khisiani billi khamba noche. now take the picture of this comment and put it over facebook

  28. Harsh

    You yourself have mentioned many a times in your article about the judicial system…so why did uploaded his picture before he was found guilty by the courts and also asked to share it as widely as possible ? You started a media trial, which just jumped to conclusions and if you are found wrong (just in case) it might even get impossible for any girl in future to click a simple photograph in order to collect evidence…The problem is that our society is not informed about the simple procedures in case of any sexual crime. The name of both the victim and the accused is kept secret until court verdict is out…You have just given that guy(in case is guilty) an moral edge and victim hood and also the manner in which this case was dealt by TRP hungry Indian Media…any guy who commits such crime in future will now have a knowledge about procedure to defame the victim..saddly but true..the media trial started by your FB Post will only deter girls to report such crimes and collect evidence.

  29. Manoj

    Its somply looks clashes of ego. U intercepted him on a red light and same time he try to bully you further and than u took his pic to teach him a lesson and things keep increasing one after other. Noone was humble that night. We all delhites are like this if it were not you and a guy were there, they might end up badly abusing and than a fight and all.
    you took it to social media and where everyone else took it to some other level. Same time media find it TRP worthy and accuse one or other.
    I think this is the time you both shall amicably settle it because you both were at mistake some point of time. He was breaking traffic rule and you try to peach him but same time your voice tone provoked him further n further.
    You were right in principle but your provocative aggressive behaviour turn things bad. When you preach someone you must be humble only than he will listen you and might learn from it. You shall be so aggressive if you have a authority to do so. Without authority you cant preach and threatened at the same time. It will always gonna hit back at you.

    1. Gautam

      If Jasleen was lying, I do not think this has to be settled amicably.

      If it so happens, then every girl will take up against any guy she dislikes.

      If she’s guilty, she needs to be punished.

  30. Daniel

    I know what’s going on here. But, I don’t feel like saying anything against Jasleen Kaur, because she will find a picture of me and press charges of sexual harassment against me. #ArrestJasleen

  31. Mohammed Safiullah

    Before going towards the conclusion I would like to present you all with what I have understood by following the news which came up in different news channels. Most of the time we got to read between the lines to find out the truth.

    1. First of all she stated in an interview that she was coming from metro and going towards her residence. But later her earlier tweets revealed that she was participating in the traffic volunteering program.

    2. Secondly the witness seems to be a person who has nothing to do with the girl or the boy. He stated in all the news channels that he got offended by the way the event got distorted, hence he came to the media to give the first hand evidence of what has happened over there. No one has came up with any relation between Vishwajit the witness and Sabarjit the accused. Hence till anything new come up against the genuineness of the witness, we got to give weightage to his testimony.

    3. Thirdly all the news channels reported that no one came to the girls rescue despite being a busy intersection. By that itself it quite evident that nothing has happened over there as a verbal molestation which is serious enough for anyone to intervene. As per the facts every thing has happened during those 90 seconds of red light.

    4. The so called ‘ brave heart ‘ is not brave enough to face a genuine witness which made her to run away from the Zee news channel. Its hard to digest that the so called braveheart is not brave enough and offended by the presence of Sabarjit’s mom and the key witness Mr. Vishwajit.

    5. During the news hour debate, as soon as she started losing her ground, she bought out that Sabarjit has mentioned about the female genetial parts, which made ground for the media fox Arnab Goswami to interrupt those panelists who are making rational comments about the whole issue.

    6. Even though she says that AAP has nothing to do with the whole issue, being an AAP supporter she got the support of the AAP machinery who are too good in social media propagation.

    7. She might not have done this for publicity, she just had an alteration with Sabarjit and being hot headed and arrogant she made a police complaint with false facts, since she knows that the law of the land always be on the side of the female. She is a kind of person who goes to any extend to ruin a mans life just because she had an heated argument with him. She just happened to forget the good old mantra “Satyameva Jayate” .

    Now she don’t have any option other than stick on her false complaint otherwise she will lose her ” brave heart ” tag. What is disturbing is the fact that the prominent media houses like Times Now headed by Arnab Goswami carrying out the media trials even before Sabarjit was booked by the police. It might be because the Sheena murder case came out a day after only. Hence they had to fill a day for their TRP rating at the expense of Sabarjit.

    Jai Ho desi journalism………!!!!

  32. Sudhir

    I personally feel you are changing the account of the incident every-time you are expressing it. On Times Now you claimed and described how the accused hurled multiple abuses on you and mentioned what he would do to your genitals. All that is lost in this supposedly detailed account of the incident from your side. His “Zada problem hai to aaja, aage Janak Puri tak chhodh aata hun ” could easily be taken out of context. As a local I know that there is a big and prominent police station there in Janak Puri.

    You raised doubt on authenticity of the eye witness and yet you ran away from the Zee program. If you think he was not present there (or is fake) then why were you scared of his account of the incident and ultimately ran away? You claim nobody helped you on that busy red light – You do not think that nobody probably helped you because there no reason for them (which is claimed by the eye witness too) !!

    It looks to me that you both exchanged words in a road rage-ish incident and you blew it out of proportions ( in heat of the incident or ego hit) by stuffing it up more. But do think that your unverified allegations on social media are ruining a career , a person’s social life and potentially hampering thousands of genuine molestation cases to get help.

  33. Sandip Das

    I have seen the videos , the profiles of both and all those going on , I have just one question , does all boys are bad ? , without hearing other ones voice this seems a one sided justice which is seems a injustice for a innocent man , A man in a huge traffic doing mess with a AAP girl , no one can imagine , not even a child . But accusing a innocent guy who is by profession a software engineer while blind media called him pavert and many bad things , Jasleen attempted to ruin a person’s personal / professional / social life just for some cheap publicity , to come in the eye of media (We all already know she is a ND tv intern ) and a active AAP supporter . Shame is a word coming in my mind while thinking about those who was thinking the the guy a criminal without knowing his voice , come on being a girl should never be a way to misuse power of women . Posting every small issue in media and making it big now become a trend , shame on those . We all be waiting for final justice from court , not any media / news channel decision (we see their news quality – shame on you public media , you people run for TRP , not for reality and then apologise ) .

  34. Shubh

    As Jasleen puts it, she takes out the camera even before the guy verbally abuses her. The only provocation was, “Problem kya hai tereko” from guy’s side.
    I am not being judgemental but no guy or girl would like to be snapped abruptly in public due to an altercation.
    The guy may have retaliated with filth (which is definitely wrong if he did it) but was the reaction necessary?!

    Forget Male and Female. Would the reaction be same if both of them were of same gender?! I don’t think so.
    Think about it.

    1. M

      In fact one should ask what gives her the right to take a guy’s picture without permission!

  35. Robin

    Why your statements keep changing every next day? do you have to modify story so that it can be compatible with new witnesses stories which are showing up?

  36. Nishant

    Jasleen people might actually listen to you, if you stopped lying. Firstly, the guy never threatened to morph your pics and put them on the internet on the interview by news nation that you are referring to. What he said was ‘even I could have done the same and put pictures(like you did)’ but he didn’t. The interview is on YouTube for everyone to see. In the same interview he also said he might press charges against you. The way you are twisting his words makes us doubt you even more, you see, you aren’t helping your own case.
    To be honest, it seems like now you are desperate to put the blame back on him. You have also said in times now interview that he said he will do something to your genitals, which you seem to have conveniently forgotten now, not to speak about u hiding the fact that you were volunteering there instead of just ‘passing by’. Now u even say the eye witness is fake. Whatever it is, we all hope the truth comes out soon..
    P.S: keep your calm in interviews

  37. Rajeev

    “…or even of his being a witness”. Dear madam, the potential witness that you’re talking about has openly challenged you to say that you don’t remember seeing him with his wife on the night of the incident.

    “And also, the accused had threatened me of morphing my pictures on another channel just an hour ago.”
    I have seen the debate in which you have left. Based on my understanding, I believe he must have said “Pictures toh mujhe bhi edit karni aati hai” in retaliation and in context to, you putting up his pictures on fb with that caption. I believe you have intentionally taken his comments in a very wrong/negative way, and thereby again accused him of “mental harassment”

    “I was not comfortable with speaking to the same guy who abused and humiliated me on the street, which is still fresh in memory.”
    This one is a bit hard to believe. Basically you are saying that you were “humiliated” to SUCH an extent, just because some person apparently abused and threatened you? And that too just by saying “Ab complaint karke dikha, fir dekh main kya karta hun tere sath”. Is this such a BIG threat that you couldn’t face him, or his family members, or even the eye witness. Knowing that this story is a part of the headlines these days, and the entire nation would support you if he is actually wrong?

    And lastly please don’t try to dramatize this incident by saying “I doubt anyone will ever raise their voice again.”, Because what you have apparently gone through, is nothing compared to the harassment that most girls go through, in Delhi, on a daily basis.

    Again these are my opinions, and I accept the fact that this is a subjective matter, but this is what I believe. I may or may not be wrong.

    1. Anisha Bhatt

      Regarding her statement “I was not comfortable with speaking to the same guy who abused and humiliated me on the street, which is still fresh in memory.” I have a point to note . Sarabjeet was not present in the interview. Only his mother and witness vishwajeet were. So this reason is a total lie…..

  38. Rahul Singh Rajput

    I dont know if it is political drama or not but i’m sure it is happening only because of her political background.

    …Teri Problem kya he be… shows guy has not started the debate.. It was all initiated from her side… anyway there are many apologies coming from girls(Sonakshi Sinha…etc.) and boy is collecting sympathy as well as affection from society.
    no wonder if she will loose upcoming elections…

  39. Abhiraj

    It’s just a case of collision of egos. You should stop using the Internet or the news channels for propaganda and wait for justice to take it’s course.

  40. Vivek

    Am I the only one who is not seeing anything sexual in the guy’s comments??? Even if this account is true, it just seems a guy bragging about his connections and powers, which is absolutely condemnable I agree, but it’s still not sexual harassment!!!! I have seen many guys say things like this to other guys as well!!!

  41. Mayank Verma

    Had it not for publicity what was she expecting by sharing his picture on facebook. She already had filed the complaint, should have waited for law to complete its course. There is a difference between altercation or a fight and sexual abuse and molestation. Its a difficult task to manage Delhi’s traffic, requires lot of patience, everyone coming back from work is frustrated by traffric, and its normal to be in an argument. If you’re taking something up be a little responsible.

    People : Think before you share or click on someone’s sensational story, it may ruin someone’s life and make other one a superhero.

  42. Varun

    Miss Jasleen Kaur ,
    you have shown yourself as if you are innocent and helping people to follow traffic .
    You called the evidence, an senior eye witness .. witnesses to hazaro aa jaate hai .. to tumhara point dene kyo nahi aa raha koi… kyoki pata hai agar galat bol duga to pakda jaauga .. go and get a life … you have spoiled someone’s life in his society and you are thinking of yourself and i have seen your attitude of talking at zee news .. you shown your vulgur attitude towards zee news anchor and calling that poor journalism ?? was that an poor journalism ? if you are right then why cant you listen to that witness answer because you dont have the ability to face that .. go and get a life .. ????????

  43. Anjan

    On arnab’s show she claimed that he made a comment about her genitals . That reference seems to be missing here . If you remove that thing it just appears to be a simple argument . You cannot call it molestation . This makes no sense

  44. Rajesh

    I don’t think anyone will disagree with the fact that we as a society are not a conducive one for women in general. No one would have said anything if you would have complained to police and at least had the patience to wait for a couple of days for police to take action.
    What is bothering many of us is the trend you are setting by posting something on social media so irresponsibly. Think of the vice-versa and you wouldn’t like that.
    Then you go ahead and talk to the most irresponsible news channels and brand that guy pervert, leech and what not.
    That guy loses his Job, gets thrashed by most stupid and hostile questions by some ridiculous reporter in a park, gets branded as a pervert, leech, characterless, people asking to hang him in public, cut off his genitals.
    This was uncalled for. This is similar to what happened in the case of the Nagaland mob lynch, Rohtak guys and many others.
    As a third party to your incident and many others, I find it inappropriate to use social media in this manner.
    It is sad that we live in a country where people are becoming Bajrangi Bhai where the courts have already sentenced them and on the other hand someone is a pervert without even proven guilty at the prima facie level.

  45. Kapil singh

    Respected all those who are concerned with the case, you being eve-reased or you being framed on false charges by a girl is not a case of NATIONAL SECURITY. please use court and police. Also Ms Jasleen Kaur, with all due respect, you are telling ppl ve no right to blv the witness and pass judgement. So ppl ve no right to pass judgements on seeing your photo posted on fb too. Media and you were taking this to Indra’s court the other day without even holding a trial. I m not saying you are lying. But all i m saying to ppl is let the judicial system do its job. And then open your mouth. Whether girl or boy- never ever hear one sided story and launch Gender racism.

  46. aman

    I would just like to state something politely for jasleen. If now she has so much faith in our judicial system and thinks she will for sure get her justice. Couldn’t she have done this prior to publically shaming the guy on social network.
    She could have any day posted all this after the court gave its verdict.
    I am not saying she’s lying or she’s the victim. All I wana say is that we have a well established law and order system for a reason. If she was not getting support from legal system then she could have thought about this step but not prior.
    As for the present scenario all I can is this Frankenstein monster was created by her only.

  47. M

    How is all of it a ‘sex offence’/ ‘molestation’/ ‘women bashing’/ ‘misogyny’??? How could this then be a case of sex offence and that guy be branded a ‘pervert’? You two had an argument.
    So what’s your right again? To complain of sexual ‘harassment’ because you argued? Will the same logic word if two women argue and disagree? If no then why not? What makes this a case? How were you position as a woman were exploited? You exaggerate his crime to make him sound like a demon who killed someone.

    He slighted you Jasleen. He did not sexually offend you by the story narrated here.

    Jasleen you claimed on Time Now that he spoke about your genitals! Yet that is missing from this account. How many versions of the story do you have?
    And pray how much conversation can you have in 90 seconds along with clicking a couple of pictures?

  48. M

    How is all of it a ‘sex offence’/ ‘molestation’/ ‘women bashing’/ ‘misogyny’??? How could this then be a case of sex offence and that guy be branded a ‘pervert’? You two had an argument.
    So what’s your right again? To complain of sexual ‘harassment’ because you had an argument? Will the same logic apply if two women argue and disagree? If no then why not? What makes this a case? How were you position as a woman were exploited? You exaggerate his crime to make him sound like a demon who took someone’s life.

    He slighted you Jasleen. He did not sexually offend you by the story narrated here.

    Jasleen you claimed on Time Now that he spoke about your genitals! Yet that is missing from this account. How many versions of the story do you have?
    And pray how much conversation can you have in 90 seconds along with clicking a couple of pictures?

  49. Gautam

    Before I comment, I think the audience who’ll read this must know a bit about me, so they’ll judge me less.

    I’m from Bangalore. I’ve lived in Delhi for a short time. There’s a huge difference in our cultures and with ways how we deal with things.

    For ex: in Delhi using MCs and BCs is very common. They’d use that in a friendly way, as well as when in an argument. Ofcourse the tone and context will decide the end meaning of those terms.

    Down South here, we would think twice / thrice to hurl such comments in Public.

    This is my observation from my experience. Others experience may be different.


    Coming to the issue:

    Being a brother, I commend what Jasleens done and hoped her side of the story was true, when the incident was first reported on national television.

    However, the subsequent stories that have come up hint otherwise.

    My observations is as follows:

    1> When she was called on #TimesNow , when she was praised for what she did, she put up a brave face and did a good job, but the same did not reflect when #ZeeNews questioned her.

    Her tone and style of answering changed drastically when channels began questioning the other side of the story.

    2> When an eyewitness came forward, she accused him to be planted and said people fabricate data in such incidences, now what’s the proof that she did not do the same while registering the complaint ?

    3> While #ZeeNews was questioning her, that Media shouldn’t trial and it’s the job of the Judiciary. If she actually meant it, why did she go #ArnabGowswami’s show ?

    It seems to me that, when things were going her way and her actions were being praised – media trial was OK, but when her motives were questioned – media shouldn’t trial ?

    That’s double faced according to me.

    On the contrary, the guy accepted and spoke to #TimesNow and was clarifying even though the journalist who questioned him was behaving stupid (her job is to report, not ask someone to confess their mistakes, apologize, pass comments if they are arrogant or give judgement). She wasn’t doing fair journalism.

    Now if I had to take a guess what would have happened, as a common man who’s seen how youth are at Delhi,

    1> an argument would have come up as each others action would have hurt the others ego.
    2> since the girl has been active politically, seems like she knows the right ‘things’ to do to put someone in trouble,
    3> she has misused her being a girl and her knowledge of the system works.

    This is purely my guess, from so far how the story has turned up.

    If I’m wrong and the outcome is different, I’ll openly apologize.

    We don’t need any more #RothakSisters around. It’s because of them, our sisters are not safe and everyone around doubts them even if they face a genuine problem.

  50. Rajnish

    Regarding the current controversy:
    I would like to ask certain questions or even give my opinions as i analyse the above article.


    1. The sequence of events as described seems very improbable.
    a) First whole event can not take place just within 1 minutes (max) of signal being red.
    b) If someone approaches another person with threatening remark, First reaction of even well trained human being is to think and act in a way to either minimize the harm of being threatened or force an equal nullifying response. In such cases, i can not think that one would be able to fore seethe chain of events that might occur. and based on that one would take out his/her phone to click the photo of probable accused.
    2. The witness views does not match with your view. Well as an outsider, i would give equal weight age to your views, witness views and accused views unless and until some other facts come out.


    1. Here, the article is written in such a way to minimize the effect of opinion of a key witness. Article seems to give undue weight age to Jasleen’s view and trying to nullifying the key witness’s viewby using the fact that existing judicial system will judge the case.
    2. How can I as an outsider trust your opinion more than witness opinion?
    3. In one case, one defy the existing judicial system and post the photo of accused on social media and in other case she believes in existing judicial system when case goes against her. Total incoherent logic.
    4. As a responsible citizen, one should equally weigh both side’s view/facts/opinions.

    Connection With AAP
    1. As it is quite clear to most of us that Jasleen enjoy quite a respect among her AAP colleague. She could have utilized her connection with AAP to force the police officer to register a FIR against the accused rather than posting the accused image on facebook.
    2. I don’t have any opinion on the election thing.

    1. To counter the given argument, there is an existing example of Harayana twin sister case.


    1. Well whatever the agreement Jasleen has with ZEE news channel, it can not be denied that news channel had given her an opportunity to clear her views in the presence of all stakeholders of the incident. But she refused to stay there as events unfolded against her. She cited the reason of harassment she think only she faces. If that had been the reason then why she participated in a long chat with other news channel where she was given favor to tell the one sided story .
    2. Well she just care about herself but what about the accused who lost his face and jobs. It is quite possible that he may be innocent. Will she give all these back to him if he is proven innocent.

    This type of small argument happens everywhere. It is neither the case of molestation or sexual harassment. Even if i take jasleen side of story to the face value, i think that the accused had been punished far more than requiered. Thanks to crooked media like Timesnow.

    I have been following this case with seriousness as it opens a debate whether social media should be used as an alternative complaint system outside of already existing inefficient legal system.
    Though it be too soon to judge, but overall i felt that social media should not be used for these issues. Even if it is used , care should be taken not to soil somebody image just based on one sided arguments as its very dangerous for accused and it can lead to suicide attempt by less courageous accused.

  51. Vedant

    Good job at being the pretentious revolutionary, elitist snob. I am a Stephanian, and I have met the most down-to earth sensible smart people during those lovely 3 years there. What you have mindlessly done is causing deep pain among our community. One, you lie and exaggerate – your initial Facebook post that went viral contained allegations against the man which you, if i remember correctly, couldn’t even reproduce on a social website without challenging basic human decency. Your current article seems to indicate if anything that what you experienced was a common Delhi traffic rabble. Second, do you even know what “molestation” means? I am utterly disgusted by your sick mentality. And pray that current and future members learn how to live in a society from your misdeeds.

  52. James

    Jasleen Kaur is LYING. Jasleen Kaur needs to be ARRESTED and put in JAIL for falsely accusing an innocent man and putting his life in danger.

    Jasleen Kaur is a criminal.

  53. Abhay

    It is strange why YKA is publishing this article. Reason being their is no credibility of the article, and YKA is NOT ‘the logical indian’, who publishes non credible, faceless, baseless posts, which are mostly personal opinion.

    The words this lady has said in the above article have been said by her a million times, and they have already been defied, proved baseless. So what is the point to say the same thing again.

    The attitude of this girl has still not changed, and she is again trying to use the social media, again for me justice, just because she is now aware that she is not going to succeed the formal way.

  54. Ishan

    It’s of no object whether your version is true or not. You took to social media and became the judge and executionor of the accused.
    It’s unethical to punish anyone before due process. It’s there for a reason.
    Countless innocent men were burned at stake and countless innocent women were hunted for being a witch berore that became accepted.

    You clearly took to social media to satisfy the ego that was challenged by him on that fateful day. Please stop trying to give it an altruistic color for it has none.

  55. saggi

    Ms Jasleen, do you have any idea what u have done in those four days…u have spoiled the trust for women…now if any girl genuinely blames any guy for misbehaviour ever…people won’t believe her….don’t try to be over smart… people are far more smart and intelligent to take your bloody fake shit story…just to become one of those girls who gets maximum no. of likes and shares for taking a stand against wrongful acts…u “wanna be famous” girl…please apologises to the guy if you have any shame left.
    And “times now” I think you guys are in a wrong business…rather run a pani puri business…..even Kejriwal should apologises for his tweet…..

    1. hector


  56. Ana

    Don’t know what it is the real truth, but I don’t believe this version, thats for sure!
    Girl did her homework to story this lines.

    1. M

      Note how actively she is trying to manage image since the very beginning. Crying on national tv, leaving interview, casting doubt on the eye witness’s credibility instead of countering him point by point, making it a symbolic stand against women’s oppression, and now this carefully written media piece where it seems there’s an attempt to date-brand it ’23rd August’. All this looks like she is trying too hard. Why would she try so hard?

  57. Rahul

    Jasleen Kaur. you have written that “we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law”. But you have not followed what you say. You made the judgement that the guy is a molester yourself and put his picture on Facebook. According to you what witness is saying is not correct and judicial system will decide that. But what you are saying is correct and it doesn’t require any judicial system to make judgement.

  58. Satyam

    Hang on..even if we go by your version of the story this was clearly a case of road rage and not molestation. You ought to apologize to the guy who has been paraded day in, day out as “Delhi’s shameless perv” by Media. It is scary the way media skewed it and made you a hero for nothing. Shame!

  59. Mayank

    Going through everything she described about the event an average mind can make out what might have happened . I think, it was just an argument between two people(opposite sex), it has nothing to do with women harrasment. Again, educated youth should know the difference between harrasment and other life situations .

  60. Mayur Somani

    I have one word for the this so called victim and thats – Loser, Loser, Loser.. AAPtards coming all the way..!!

  61. Sumant Bishwas

    Sorry to say but there are many girls in the society who used these kinds of drama for publicity (recently Haryana’s so Called Bhadur betiya..who were highlighted like anything proved fraud after detailed investigation including lie detector test)…If you analyze the crimes related to women in high society, most of the times its some women only who play key role to harass the helpless women for pleasing their boss and gain personal benefit (Kanda case in Haryana, and Kanpur wife murder case by the rich Piyush and his GF)..

  62. kapil singh

    Jasleen. I ve a suggestion.. just keep quiet now or else you are going to make it worse (FOR YOU). The ppl of this country dont even remember their soldiers, so you are fortunate that they are going to forget your drama as well. But. But. Nvr ever do it again coz you are damaging the little hope we ve for protecting weaker sex in this country. We all ve female friends and companions, so we do understand womans dignity. However, you seem to be a big feminist with her own cloud cukkooland where she s Razia Sultana with big bliated ego. You are demonstrating arrogance all around the world .. grow up please… and plz plz stay quiet now on..

  63. Munna

    Commendable job of chosing the language. I wonder if the version could be:
    JK: “Oye..Red light hai ye smjha kya”
    SJ: ” Didi..Aapko kya problem hai”

    Words are magical indeed!!

  64. Agrasu

    Yours article contains several assumptions. I will list them out for your convenience

    1. You wrote – “We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness. For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law.”

    That is exactly the point. Why should anyone on facebook believe you that you were molested? How do we know that you are not exaggerating? How do we know that you were not actually the one who used abusive language. Without letting the law take it’s own course, you put up a picture of a guy. What if, in the the future, every other girl ( In addition to you, if you’re convicted ) starts putting up pictures of random guys just to settle scores?

    2. You wrote – ” Had it been for publicity, no girl would go through the hassle of filing a complaint with the police ”

    This is exactly part of the problem with people like you. You believe no girl will take the pain of filing a complaint with the police if she has indeed being wronged but a guy is capable of taking pains to get justice even if he was the offender. The inherent assumption that all girls are noble and all guys have a dark side. Counter example ( just one of the millions) – Rohtak Sisters, more than 50 % false rape cases in Delhi.

    3. You Wrote – ” All I did was click a picture so that he doesn’t escape with what he threw at me. Yes I told the boy- “Bhaiya red light hai (the traffic signal is red),” when he was about to go straight and cross the signal. He got offended, got off from his bike and started walking towards me saying, “Problem kya hai be tereko? (what’s your problem?)“. When I took out my phone to take his picture”

    So, the next time someone comes up to talk to you, you take your mobile phone and take a picture? That’s breach of privacy. The guy hasn’t even abused you till this point. He has simply asked you – What’s your damn problem. And to that you took out your mobile phone to click his pic? WOW! Had the genders been reversed, do you think you would still be happy about it?

    1. True Indian

      Poor Jasleen Kaur would had taken a video instead of photograph.

  65. Aditya

    Liar, Liar….your pant is on fire !!
    Even from the crap you have written above and believing it to be true, it is quite obvious that the verbal exchanges dont tantamount to eve teasing or molestation. Any person living in Delhi knows that this the typical language (dekh loonga tujhe, apna kaam kar be) and even if taken on face value doesnt equate to eve teasing by any ways.

    Do u even realize how much humiliation the boy had to undergo because of your cheap theatrics….or think of his parents and relatives. What if instead of this teenage boy, the person was a respectable married man with kids and had fallen prey to you arrogance ?

    Grow up Jassi. Think twice before such actions. They may satisfy ur ego but it can destroy lives,

  66. Minakshi

    I have one question..if
    you believe in our judicial system so much who gave you the right to post his picture on social media and defame him. He has not been proven guilty yet. Who gave you the right to go on media channels and call the guy pervert when it’s not proven that he misbehaved with you? You and some media retards actually declared him guilty. You could have just filed an FIR and waited for the procedure. I am also a girl and I also don’t succumb to eve teasing but I ll never do what you did. Do you even know what molestation is? If he is not guilty which I actually feel ,and if it was just an argument, ( Because of the witness. There is only you who is telling your story which could be utter lie ) you actually ruined his life and should be ashamed of yourself.

  67. Rish

    I do not want to comment against Jasleen Kaur because she will take my picture and accuse me of molesting her and publish it in the web.

  68. Mohammed Safiullah

    Let me tell you Arnab Goswamai Never ever ever ever Never ever ever ever make comments about innocent people. NOW YOU APOLOGIZE TO SABARJIT ON YOUR SAME NATIONAL TELEVISION IF YOU GOT THE BALLS TO DO THAT !!!

  69. Anisha Bhatt

    Jasleen !!! Please re-write the story again. I have caught the following lies in your story above. Please include these corrections
    1. And The Story Goes..
    Here you started your story with – Yes I told the boy- “Bhaiya red light hai (the traffic signal is red),”……You did not mention what you were doing on the red light. In TV interviews you said you were passing by. Witnesses and photographic evidences and your whatsapp screenshot and facebook posts prove that you were volunteering for traffic control. Why are you hiding this fact? Any specific reason behind this?
    2. The Witness
    Any educated person knows witness’s testimony is more important than the accused and accuser. Here you say “The witness who ‘claims’ to be, has a different narrative of the incident altogether, and his testimony seems, ostensibly, inconsistent with my claims. ” This means either you or the witness is speaking lie. But does not specifically prove the witness is lying. It may be you too.
    3.Running Away
    You said ” I was not comfortable with speaking to the same guy who abused and humiliated me on the street” as the reason for running away. But its only you say you were abused and humiliated. If somebody is abused and humiliated he would be angry and agitated. Second thing is that the guy was not on the show. ONLY his mother and witness were. You ran away when the witness started speaking. This is your another lie or are you imagining things nowadays. We all have seen this on TV. We are the witness to it.
    Check the video here
    4.Connection With AAP
    A political affiliation or inclination is eveybody’s personal choice. I agree to your opinion. Then why did you hide the fact that you were volunteering for traffic through AAP? The screenshot from your whatsapp friends group shows you were going for same event that day. Here one more lie is caught.
    “Also, my picture on the traffic signal is an old picture in which I was volunteering alongside with some locals from my area.” This is second lie. The facebook page is deleted now. But the screenshots of those pages are already viral which shows you as member of AYW – Traffic Volunteer Group.
    Also , some proofs of your political affiliations

    Another big lie in your statement regarding political affiliation is that you have no connection with AAP since a year. See this video from 11 Feb 2015 .Just 6 months ago
    I repeat that political affiliation is personal choice. But why are you speaking lies on this with so many proofs available. You speak plain lies and expect us to believe your mere words ? On what basis when we already know your words are not reliable….?
    The other thing is that the DCW report says 53% of rape cases filed in delhi are false.
    Similarly, more than 90% dowry cases are false
    So , every complaint by a woman to the police station cannot be called true. If tomorrow, I pay some money to a woman and make her file a complaint, will you say she is right and support her because she is a woman?
    The other things I am putting from my side-
    1. You are changing your statements all the time. On TimesNow you cried while losing the debate and said – he made remarks on my genitals …. etc.. But this very important statement about abuse changed afterwards.
    2. The traffic signal was for 90 seconds. Can you create a timeline for all the arguments, photo clicking and abuse and threats?
    3. In TimesNow, ZeeNews we saw how hyper you get when somebody opposes your views. You shouted on the anchor, your family members and walked away from the interview. Don’t you think you have an abnormal anger problem?
    4. In one interview on zeenews the guy sarabjeet said – “Photo edit karna kaunsi badi baat hai, muze bhi karni aati hai”…. You manipulated the statement as – “See this guy threatened me to edit my photos and put it on facebook and that too on national television” … Sane people look at the manipulation in this statement. After that you started bring up this ” he threatened me on TV” everywhere. Jasleen , I think you just imagine things and manipulate it according to you. Tomorrow if somebody says to you – “Thoda side me hat jawo” … you will manipulate it as” Isne muze duniya se hataane ki dhamki di” and start playing victim all over.
    5. The good thing happened is that since you talk a lot, your lies were caught. Learn to think before speaking.
    6. The bad thing is now police, judiciary and public will not take seriously the complaints filed by the girls here onwards.
    7. And yes, one last thing. You should never have approached the guy asking him to follow the signal. The guy and traffic police would have taken care about it. You have no rights to be a moral police.

    1. vaibhav jain

      nicely done..!! very rational

    2. Rohith

      Awesome !! Makes sense .Not sure what she got by doing this the SAD thing is next time someone who is actually abused complains people would think twice to trust 🙁 .
      Our Government should Come up with a solid system not to accuse someone of something untill the allegations are proved and then the media should pitch in to help give justice soon to the right person and to uncover more evidence .
      To Media – Please do not conclude some one of something without the evidence just for TRP . Then there is no value for
      journalism u can call it another type of money making Business .

    3. Sanket

      Very nicely written. I personally felt bad initially for Jasleen but her claims seems to be doubtful.
      Worst outcome of this is no one will take women seriously anymore. This incidence gave licence to real perverts. Females who are really facing this would become hesitant to file also because of fear of possibility of proving themselves guilty.
      We should take a moment to think that if any foreign news channel is covering this. They will paint this scene very nicely on International Platform of our country’s image.
      Please think before whatever you do!

  70. Ankit

    Nautanki baaz ladki

  71. Rohit

    Some girl should put the photo of Arnab on fb and claim that this guy tried to molest me when I approached him for a job in times now. And request othets to share this as much as possible.
    According to arnab, a photo and claim by a girl that someone tried to molest her is enough evidence to declare him a pervert. So, let dis self acclaimed media judge declare himself a national pervert and make this a breaking news…

  72. Abhijit

    From the various sources pouring in, I firmly believe that Jasleen Kaur went too ahead to claim the cheap popularity. The way she spoke stammering on Arnab Goswami show to quitting on Zee News does not put her in good light.
    Does she really understand what is meant by molestion ? Verbal argumenst can not be said molestation , just because you believe so and Delhi police is too eager to help you out. On every channel, she has spoken that she was ” abused and molested “.But she has not spoken what he actually said. Did he abused her literally in typically Delhi language or did he tore off her clothes ? I do not believe that either thing happened. You can not go on filing FIR for such arguments. The worst she did was character assassination of the boy on social media. Who is she to upload anyone’s picture without such approval when case has already been registered ?
    Perhaps, she didn’t expected that it would go viral in such a way. She is also not aware that if her complain is found to be frivolous and just for her publicity stunt, then the court can punish her with imprisonment as well. The boy is already thinking of counter filing case against her. I firmly believe that it would be the right step.

  73. Anoop

    Madam, please, aur natak nahi chahiye india ko. Please stop the stupidity. Due this real victims who really needs help will have problems. Do not put your ego infront of the lives of so many innocent women

  74. sanjeev

    But in Times now debate u claimed that he made remarks about ur genitals, but here u don’t mention anything about that……if r definitely a fame hungry liar…STFU AND ACCEPT UR WRONGDOING.

  75. Satish PVG


    You got hurt by how the guy behaved with you. Perfectly acceptable. You went to the police to lodge a complaint. You have every right to do so. Some say, “what was the need to go to police for such a small issue?” No, I won’t agree. I won’t let some stranger on the road address my sister, mother or friend as ‘tu’ or or say things like “don’t expect me to drop you” and all that. (And in the pic the guy seems to be showing the finger. I am not sure if he actually did show finger. But if he did, it’s very very wrong.)

    But what did you tell the police? You seem to be a well-informed girl. Did you check which sections of IPC the police included in the FIR? Section 354A? Are you aware of its definition?
    354A. (1) A man committing any of the following acts—
    (i) physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual
    overtures; or
    (ii) a demand or request for sexual favours; or
    (iii) showing pornography against the will of a woman; or
    (iv) making sexually coloured remarks,
    shall be guilty of the offence of sexual harassment.

    Did any of this happen with you that day?

    And then you upload his pic on FB and write your side of the story to publicly shame him. Let’s say tomorrow your closest guy friend gets into a heated argument with a girl on the street and says to the girl all that Sarvjeet said to you. What would you do? You’d ask him to apologize, right? Or would you want him to go to jail for 3 years?

    I don’t intend to play an online defence lawyer. But what did you want from all this? A small “Sorry, I won’t repeat such mistakes in future” from the guy, right?

    But why did such a small (as per most people) street fight snowball into almost a Nirbhaya-like incident? I think even you didn’t expect that this issue would rake up a national debate on sexual harassment of women and the abuse of law by some women. You simply wanted a sorry. That’s understandable. Some of us are over-sensitive and have big egos (sorry, didn’t want to sound judgmental but can’t help it).

    I’m glad you said that you don’t want the media to play the judge. But unfortunately, you already allowed the media, especially the Times Now, to play the judge and decide the case in your favour even before it went to trial in the court of law. They keep calling him all names. Let me get back to the example of your friend committing a similar act. Do you want the media to call him a “perv”for what he did?

    You would argue that it’s not your mistake, it’s this irresponsible news channel’s. But did you not play an active part in it? Did you bother to convey to Times Now that they are overstating the facts and perhaps over-reacting? You didn’t, did you? I sincerely think you owe a sorry to Sarvjeet for this.

    I’d be happy if both of you say sorry to each other for what has happened and let all this end here. I wish that you both learn from this incident and grow.


  76. vijay

    Dear jasleen,
    We all have little scuffles with people while driving in traffic or while travelling in train.
    Your case as what u have written was simply a small argument between two persons, it
    didn’t gave u the right to defame the guy in front of entire world , label him as pervert and
    destroy his career.. what u did was wrong

  77. Ravi Soni

    This guy is charged with sexual molestation if I am not wrong. I don’t see this guy sexually molesting. Is it right way to charge a guy with anything comes into your mind?

    Yes If you stop guy in public and ask him to do something without having any authority, he will get mad not only on girl but on anyone.

    You can’t expect good and polite response if you publicly warn and threaten guy.

  78. MS

    I have been following this case from day 1 and when i saw the picture of saravjeet posted on fb as a pervert and not what other words used by the media and jasleen. i went through many videos on this case.
    i have just general questions and observations which i want to share

    1. times now stupid reporter asking saravjeet questions and provoking him like anything and still he kept his calm and in that video you can see that saravjeet’s friends were constantly trying to take him from there but he stood and always replied calmly to both his friends and that stupid reporter.

    2. the next video i saw of jasleen on zee news i was shocked the way she was shouting and pushing people ( maybe her friends or relatives) who ever was trying to come in front of the camera and in the middle of the conversation she left because she had no answer to give. she says he threatened or molested him at first jasleen should see what kind of words/ allegations and language she used.

    3.she have appeared on tv before on behalf of a political party and numerous pictures of her on banners of that political party. why is that you are only right jasleen and all the others facts are pointing against you.

    4. on the first day you were being called a hero and your face was as bright as sun now what happened when things turned why so serious??? you never ever thought that your joke/publicity whatever you may call it would turn around you and on the other hand saravjeet was all the same from the beginning.

    5. jasleen why don’t you have any eyewitness who can come forward and support you?

    6. why don’t you ask for the cctv footage of that incident if there is any available because you know that whatever you told is a lie and on the other hand saravjeet is demanding the cctv footage
    because he knows that he is innocent.

  79. g

    Man listening to this jasmeen kaur’s stateents is like seeing a japanese classic called rashomon!! in which story goes on based on the perspectives of the witnesses regarding murder of a samuri….everyone in the movie had different perspectives….only difference in jasleen kaur case is she herself singlehandedly played the part of witnesses.

    her story keeps on changing on every day…she keeps on modyfying it according to her convenience…. on her facebook post she calls every one who opposes her as low iq people but what should we call a girl who keeps on changing the story everyday??

    and about the face morph comment she is alleging that he made is a complete lie, i was seeing that show live and from what i heard all he said is even i could have edited and uploaded pic on facebook but i am not that type of person!!! this was blown out of proportion by this retarded girl and now she has come to this conclusion…that itself explains her evil minded intention and character!!!……dost trust this girl guys!!

  80. Indranil Bhattacharjee

    whats your opinion Ms Jasleen on Rohtak incident.. as you blame media here for not aligning with you, in their case media made it all to highlight the issue.. actually Rohtak Incident had been a learning to them that “JUST DON’T BELIEVE ON LIERS LIKE YOU”

  81. Sheldon Cooper

    OK. Here’s the problem Jasleen. The reactions to your Facebook post aren’t your fault, and the fact that Indian media used Sarabjeet as scape goat, and is now using you, is not your fault either. If you realized this sooner, you would have stopped making it into a media fire by appearing on Times Now in the first place.

    You problem is this – the case you filed is not of sexual harassment. If there was a guy in place of you, the argument would be very similar. Maybe there was physical abuse involved too. You were involved in a street argument, not sexual harassment. Once you get into an argument, and use heated language, words spoken in that argument are not harassment. Just because you have a vagina, you will not be treated special. You will get the same jobs as a man. You would be treated same way in street fights. You would be slapped equally hard if you slapped a man. Your whole claim would sound stupid if you were a guy.

    You were not a victim of sexual harassment. The guy did not stop the bike, make a teasing remark at you. He did not stop the bike, and touch you. He did not stop the bike, and ask you to come hop on.

    Just because you’re a girl, you will not be treated special. If you do not have enough “himmat” to be part of street fights, do not involve yourself in one.

  82. Arjun

    Ya Jasleen sure you’re no AAP supporter. Then what is this video:

    Sure you have nothing to do with politics then what is this:

    Agreed you’re from Stephens and not part of DUSU but who said anything about DUSU elections. You’ve always had a bigger game in mind haven’t you?

    Do you want photographs of you telling your party people to assemble at that red light for traffic management. And you kept insisting on earlier news reports that u were basically there since u were going back home and simply crossing the road. u werent there by chance….u were there according to your party’s plan of managing traffic…just because someone hurt your ego by telling you that he wont listen to you, you made him a molester and a pervert !!!

    You’re such a liar you put Arvind Kejriwal to shame. Hats off to you though. You say in the video that when seasoned politicians from BJP and Congress tell you that “beta tum jitney ho utney bann key raho” , waaah what an amazing entry into politics gurl; kya javaab diya hai unn politician uncles ko !!!

    Btw in ur fake story above u forgot mentioning the single biggest point which u kept stressing on that Arnab Goswami’s show….that this guy kept saying to you that he will pull ur genitals (which u pronounced as genieeetells)….or was that all a lie and said only for sympathy

    You want to make ur name in politics, work honestly and hard and if its in ur destiny then you will get the results….dont find this shady, ugly, and dishonest way of maligning people and making ur name…

    You have made the future really tough for girls who would be honestly complaining against molestation and harassment

    1. Pree

      Arvind Kejriwal deserves to be put to shame. Being the CM of Delhi, how DARE HE give preference to her just because she is a GIRL? Both Saravjit and Jasleen are his people.. the people of Delhi… He has no right to applaud her without proof

  83. anand

    if you want court to decide the matter , then why the hell you started media trial, and posted the images and story on social media. You don’t believe in witness who came out. Even if I acknowledge that that guy had a scuffle with you over the red light , then who the hell are you who started acting like a traffic cop. We all had this word of mouth fight on the road and we all say ”dekh lege” but you gave this issue the face of eve-teasing. You tarnished the image and let the boy lose his job even before court has decided. You are clearly telling lie.

  84. eddy bhai
    watch this video 😀 jasleen ki sachhai ;’D
    a must watch video in this case 😀

  85. Karthik PV

    She herself has confessed that she was not molested like she claimed in her fb post. She should be arrested for fake complaint.

  86. RJ

    Questionable claims by Jasleen. I hope she realizes she is making a joke out of the struggle of millions of Indian women for whom violence is a lived reality.

  87. Nitesh Jain


    It definitely looks your fault from this narration. How can he molest you in 90 seconds where you were doing most of the talking. If you start taking picture of unknown person threatening him; he will respond to you rite. He is not afraid of you taking picture because he might have not done wrong. Why the eye witness should not be considered and the photo you clicked in which he is on a bike be considered as evidence.

    This whole thing does look like a publicity stunt. Day 1 people were on your side and AAP wanted to be associated with you Day 2 wind changed the direction and now there is every effort that AAP is not associated with you.

    Looks like stunt gone wrong.

  88. Rajeev

    If you have so much belief in the legal system , why did you do a media rounds and social media post without waiting for the system to do its job? By your own account it was a roadside altercation not dissimilar to the hundrends that happen everyday. You tried to take advantage of society’s soft corner for female complaints and misled everyone making it seem like a sexual harassment incident.

  89. mcem

    the indian justice has given women way too much power. why did she turn such a non event into an event. she should have kept quite after the initial interaction but rather than doing that she tauted himfurther, what would happened at the most he would have broken some traffic rules and have his dl suspended and a fine.
    rather than doing this this women went and filed a criminal complaint. nowadays talking to any women is dangerous and even the modern day technology is being abused. remember the rohtak sisters and how they were busted. they have played this good cop angle too often.

  90. Aman

    Her statements have been changing quite frequently. There is a ‘non-abusive’ term i hindi : Khisiyaayi Billi. Translates to frustrated cat. If you look at her how she is behaving now, it’s pretty clear that it’s a clear case of hurt ego. Some points:
    1. Why didn’t you mention that it was you who started the conversation with that guy? Main beech mein aa gayi and all that.

    2. Molestation is a VERY strong word. The first premise of molestation is physical contact or indecent
    exposure. Did any of these happen? You are doing English honours from St. Stephens. Fuck, shit, flipping
    etc. are all the cool things you say / do all the time. Amounts to molestation? NO.

    3. Now you are saying that the guy said that he’ll morph your pics and put them on net. For you, and those
    who haven’t seen that interview, he said that: ‘Anyone can click a picture and put it up on the net. Everyone
    can do it nowadays and he can also do it.’. He was just referring to his pic on your post and saying that he
    can also post your pic on social media and write anything about you. But the way your mind works, you
    started shouting on the very next interview: “USNE MUJHE 1 GHANTE PEHLE DHAMKI DI HAI”. Wow.
    Khisiyaayi Billi………

    4. Next was you point that Delhi police should get the CCTV footage and check who is wrong/right. CCTV
    has no audio. You know it’s a dead lead. But you say it to show how fearless you are about the truth. Good

    5. Someone commented that you never expected a witness to appear. So true. Dilli hai. Traffic hai. Kaun
    aaega. Anyone with an ounce of truth will talk to this ‘witness’ sensibly because they will want to either
    expose them or ask them pointed questions. BUT NO. You chose to say, on national television, that in cases like these it’s not difficult to get dummy witnesses. You are accusing a family guy who is openly saying that
    even his wife can easily identify you. Your shouting at him and saying he is a planted witness clearly shows that you are afraid of the truth. Once again, khisiyaayi billi…..

    6. And at last, you have now taken to giving interviews with sufficient amount of crying / shouting to make
    the false, true.

    Good going Jasleen. You have just destroyed your family and credibility.

  91. salil

    i really dont understand if this narrative of yours is believe to be true even then its clearly a case of traffic altercation between both of them …from where did u deduce that he molsted her and he being pervert!Now in future ppl will get affraid to even speak to a girl even if she act as a boss

  92. biju

    you clicked his picture? OMG do you know the punishment of clicking picture
    then see this video oh i forgot ur a girl na. then no problem.

  93. Madhu

    I totally disagree with you. I think it was an argument that you started. Did the guy approached you and started Eve teasing (as you say). You are telling him something and when he responded you think that he is Eve teasing.. Disgusting.. Were you displaying any placard or something that you were controlling the traffic. Girl, you are stranger to him at the signal and you went ahead and poked him for which he responded, if you say he threatened you then your act of saying that I will file a complaint against the Sarvajit is not a dhamki or what ? . If the guy is reading this post then he should sue Jasleen and Media for spoiling his image without any evedience..

  94. Shailesh

    Jasleen based on what i could judge from the interviews you have given, (actions like spontaneous crying, anger out bursts, pushing your mother during the interview, Shouting loudly insanely)
    I could make out you are still an immature girl who made a big mistake which sadly hit national
    headlines and now the world knows about your immaturity. Girl this is not how the world works. If people dont listen to you or hurt your ego you shouldnt try to destroy them, like you did.
    You caused irreparable damage to his reputation and also in the process showcased to the country how few females can bend rules to get innocent men jailed (This described argument by you was not enough to get any one jailed anywhere in the world)
    Sadly what this incident will do to actually molested and raped women whose story may no longer be believed and you will have to live with that for the rest of your life.
    Hopefully with this incident, you would have gained some maturity before you think to destroy
    someone just because your ego was hurt

  95. Rahul

    So much hypocrisy in the post. If you think that people are dumb and writing fake stories will change the truth and their opinion, you are wrong girl. I wish you get severly punished for the damage you have done to society , to that man and to all the Indian women . Now people will not beleive on any genuine case also and ignore it telling “dekho dekho ek aur jasleen”. Still you have chanceto appolozize to Saravjeet. You are young and people will forgive you.
    Satyamev Jayte

  96. vinay

    Think positive girl,suppose if you are a boy and you stop a guy like this they will defineatly slap hard on your face. You are girl that,s the reson guy only commenting on you with no vulgur words .It shows that the guy respect the girls and suppose .If you have a brother and same thing happen with them,then how your family will suffer the runned his life.behind the curtain of fake revenge.that is called chul over exited for no reason.

  97. Rahul Sharma

    Jasleen, I am not denying the facts that you are telling lie. I don’t even deny the fact that he threatened you. I’m very sensible person & I have a very simple question for you.

    Do you know what is section 354A??

    You have filed a complaint against him under section 354A. If I go by this conversation that has been mentioned here by you. Exactly same conversation including the remark – “Chal janakpuri tak lift de deta hu” then tell me which part of conversation comes under section 354A.

    Let me copy the excerpt of section 354A here for you. Here it is
    A man committing any of the following acts—
    a) physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures; or
    b) a demand or request for sexual favours; or
    c) showing pornography against the will of a woman; or
    d) making sexually coloured remarks, shall be guilty of the offence of sexual harassment.

    Now tell me which out of above part holds true in this case if I look at the conversation written in this article.

    a) There was no physical contact
    b) He didn’t demand for any sexual favor from you. Now don’t say that his remark – chal janakpuri tak lift de deta hu falls under sexual favor. I have offered lift to 100s & 1000s of women in my life without even they asking for it. As a responsible citizen, I tend to stop my bike whenever I feel girl in the traffic needs my help and ask them that if I can give them lift. If that falls under section 354A then I should be in Jail
    c) Obviously this you didn’t even mention here. No one can show porn in 2 minute traffic signal
    d) sexually colored remarks also you didn’t mention

    So how the hell you filed a 354A case against that man?? I’m standing by you and still saying you to file a case under section 506 & 509. But 354A is bullshit. I will support you & stand by you if you will take the charges back of 354A.

    If you cannot take charges of 354A back then you will surely get taste of your own medicine. God is watching all of us.

  98. XYS

    Even if the guy abused you over some traffic issue, he didn’t
    deserve to have his name plastered all over the internet. If she really was angry
    she could have lodged an FIR, and let the police do their job. This girl is an attention
    seeker who has done a great disservice to real victims of molestation/abuse .

  99. dev

    On timesnow arnab show… u said with tears in ur eyes dat who gave him right to tell me what he would do with my genitals today in d night… u r an immature girl really shameless.. I m glad dat u t exposed..

  100. You are one Crazy lady

    Do you think “Heated Argument” = Molestation ?

    In my opinion, you treated your mom much worse while you were live on Zee news…Shall we consider, you were torturing and molesting your Mom?

    Simply Idiotic and Crazy behavior!

  101. Madhu Gowda

    I totally disagree with the girl.. My simply question to Jasleen, were you holding any placard stating that you are controlling the traffic. At the signal you were a stranger and you went ahead and poked another stranger and expect that the guy should listen and should not respond to your acts .I think you have taken this to your ego and using this to get the fame.

    And coming to your statement of threatening given by Sarvjeet and let’s assume that Sarvjeet has made a statement (Tu complaint kar..fir dekh mein kya karta hoon) that you are pointing out. As per you if this a dhamaki then what about your statement towards him telling that you will file a complaint, is it not a dhamaki or blackmailing him?.. On top of giving a complaint, you went ahead and put his pic on social media and spoiled his image for no reason. We should support Sarvjeet in this case and as per me Sarvjeet should sue Jasleen and the media who have spoiled his image for no reason…such girls are abomination to the society and such acts will make people not to come forward to support innocent girls in any kind of situation.

  102. Madridista123

    It was made a media trial on the first day itself and on the first day when the media,the government was with you ,you should have made it clear .”Let the law decide whether the accused made a mistake .”But you let the media run its course but when things went against you like the witness you wanted the court to decide.
    That should have been your stand right from the starting and it would hold more credibility.
    Even that guy was called a molester by thousands of people by mob justice and media houses like Times Now
    Is that fair?
    No ,it is not fair even if the person committed such deeds and is proven by the courts.
    A person is not guilty until proved .
    This is India not some state in Iraq where the one who cries the most and the one which the crowd believes justice lays is the
    final word.
    Let the law of the land prevail please.
    I would have expected that from someone studying in one of the best colleges to know and apply this rule.

    It should have only been decided by the police and the court.

    Raising your voice about an issue is commendable,our fundamental right and requires a lot of courage .
    I commend you for that.
    But raising a voice does not mean that it automatic means everyone is going to agree to whatever you say.
    You raised a point so did all those who countered your point including the accused.
    The right that gave you the platform to express yourself .
    The same platform is provided to the accused ,the witness and the people who behold these scenes everyday.

    Respect is a 2 way street and it can’t be
    forced.It has to be earned.

    Wait for this ordeal and if you believe in the justice of India ,you would have gained respect from everyone when the truth comes out in your favor just like the first day.
    If not there is pretty much nothing you can do.

    For me I don’t fully believe you as of now.

  103. Nishanth

    I would rather prefer to be a dog than being a man in India. #shame

  104. Sandeep

    Exaggeration, adamance & ego are is the three words which defines the behavior of the girl in this case. The incident has been blown out of proportion and I remember guy was accused for molestation as well.
    I am ashamed of media’s behavior in this case who has declared the verdict even without analyzing the whole situation. This case clearly shows the biased mindset of media and social networking juntaa who blindly jumps to conclusions (especially if a girl is posting something).
    Few points:
    1. About The Witness “We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness.”
    Wow this is an amazingly funny logic , if we can’t validate a mature witness claims how should we trust you.
    2. If “we have a judicial system and making judgements”, why the hell guy was adjudged as pervert and criminal. Ms. Jasleen you played a major role in that.
    3. From description, looks like the Ms. Jasleen had enough time – Why didn’t you take a video instead of clicking pics and what sort of evidence do you think the pic is?

    Mr. Jasleen you are simply taking pride in showing off yourself as courageous and also a victim whereas in reality you have victimized the guy by portraying him as a molester just for satisfying your ego .
    The guy should and must take legal action for defamation of his reputation against media and even against the girl.

  105. Shree

    This story can be attributed to absurdity called AAP and the poison it is spreading. Many people suffer from making it big, without much efforts and even if it is at the expense of somebody else’s life. This is a classic case, where some body wanted to grow, draw as much as attention as possible by crying victim hood & our so called ’eminent’ media didn’t even verify the facts before making it viral.

    With this kind of mindset, what can be clearly concluded is they give a hoot the Law, about co-citizen, for the country. A strong law should be bought to curb these types of false victim hood and media should be chastised for these kinds of reports.

  106. Deepak

    She is suffering from Narcissistic/Borderline Personality Disorder
    Please check the links and spread the info
    Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance (Extremely High Ego)
    Lack of empathy (Having an inability/unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others)
    Insists on being the center of attention (Addicted to attention/admiration Seeking )
    Excessive reference to self ( I, Me etc)
    If you see her speech and writing there is excessive usage of (I, Me etc)

    1. Ram

      Shockingly true!

  107. Rish

    Delhi main jab Ladka raat ko bike lai kar nikalta hai, toh maa kehti hai bete mat ja … mat ja… nahi toh Jasleen Kaur traffic main tere photo click kar laigi.

  108. Pree

    I am shocked to see the arrogance and attitude of the girl. Here are the points I have seen in her various interviews
    1. First she said she got down from Metro and he harassed her while walking, now she is a volunteer
    2. She said the guy made some obscene remarks that she was ashamed to say it on national TV. Now it seems he was just talking Delhi language – what is your problem, I will drop you till Janakpuri – Did this sentence really attack her Izzat or modesty in any way?
    3. The witness said it is Jasleen who hurled abuses at him and made obscene gestures that the witness’s wife commented that “If she had morals she wouldnt have done this”
    4. If you believe in judicial system, why did you post his pics online? This was your larger than life ego and you wanted to punish him by playing the “girl victim card”
    5. All of a sudden, when the witness has come forward, she ran away from the interview – like she knew she would be caught red handed
    6. She said witnesses can be “bought”. But the police can easily check the CCTV footage if the witness was actually at the junction and can verify it with the location tracing of his mobile phone
    7. If the “accused had threatened me of morphing my pictures on another channel”, she can easily trace it? Mobile? Local phone? Why cant the police trace it if she is telling the truth

    All in all Jasleen’s ego was hurt and she wanted to punish this guy, good for her that the truth came out and she fell flat on her face and got exposed as a BIG FAT LIAR. But what about the guy? He has lost his job, he will be ostracized in society? Will Jasleen pay for her mistakes? NO. She will just walk away form this incident with full publicity

  109. Aditya

    This is an average road-side interaction of a Delhi guy. Men shout at each other, abuse each other, threaten (yeah, mild threats – no one wants to kill another bro) – this is a part of life. Now when a girl comes across challenging a guy, he just gave an instinct response.

    When Jasleen you say “All I did was click a picture” – do you really think you just clicked a picture? No you shared it on social media – it came on news channels – and the guy was considered to be just one step below being a rapist. I don’t know how much effect it must have on his career – definitely he would be asked “kya hua tha us din” in every job interview he goes to.

    Now we can only trust the judiciary to come to a definite conclusion. However my point is, this was never a big deal. Why should a random guys’ pic turn up as trending on social media?

    A few questions to you:-
    1. Did he molest you? All news reports opposing that guy do.
    2. Did you file a harassment complaint? Shouting at someone on the road is not harassment.
    3. Did you share the pic first yourself or was it someone else who started the controversy?

    The are the real questions. I am not interested about your political inclinations or whether you wanted a shortcut to fame. I’m questioning the incident – the core of the whole story. If the guy was wrong, serious action should be taken against him. And if you are wrong, judiciary should be fair to all. Now you shouldn’t turn away but face the situation and let’s see the light and realize what actually happened.

    p.s. In my thought, this could have been stopped right there on the street. There was a cop on that square as well (as some news stories tell). You could have called him instead of attracting some “twitterazzi” for yourself. If the guy was wrong, that cop would have taken him in and things would be good. You won’t have to face so much stress. Now answer these questions and let the truth be known to all.

    1. bidyut

      you know man that guy has been fired from his job. and i agree with your point.

  110. Ram

    She completely changed her statement from day one. That guy was sitting calm on his bike and turned towards her. He is not making any gestures. That makes clear that he is innocent. She wants a cheap publicity and posted his pic. Arrest her and take lie detector test.

  111. Anuj

    Jasleen. Shame on you. Thats is all I have to say. I have two daughters and will teach them how not to be like you. You have shamed yourself, your up bringing and all women of this country by your false accusations.

    1. bidyut

      how exactly do you now it was a false accusation. who the hell made you the chief justice of india. it was stupid of her to post the picture online but it is still not proven that her accusation was incorrect.

  112. P. Tullu

    Jassi, you have done a great service & a great disservice… in your over eagerness to teach Sarvjeet a lesson.

    Service to the boys. now that people will NOT believe the girls blindly and administer a mob justice to the male kind.

    Disservice to the girls.. your own kind… because even where the cases of genuine molestation cases, these will be taken skeptically.

  113. Atanu

    It was a fight that involved ego issues. Both parties were equally involved, but Jasleen Kaur took advantage of the fact that she is a girl and made into a sexual harassment case without thinking twice what it could do to the guy. Did he really deserve to be arrested for sexual harassment?

  114. akhilesh singh

    As per the girl’s account, it was not a case of sexual harassment. She started the whole tiff by asking a man on a red light ( who in the world she thinks she is). And the moment , the man responds, he is a molester, pervert and whatever one wants to say.

    i have sympathies for the girl but she acted as an a**. Who in the world do you think you Jasleen?

  115. Dheeraj Shetty

    Jasleen Kaur.

    1) After looking at your few interviews, one thing is clear is that you seriously need anger management classes, counselling sessions with a clinical Psychologist, because you seem to be experiencing delusions and hallucinations and your anxiety problem touches the roof when anyone talks which you aren’t agreeing with or anyone questions you back, you get hyper and your delusions start.

    2) Lets just assume that the witness was “planted”, and assuming what you said is true, Sarvjeet told “Problem kya hai be TEREKO” and you said bhaiya blah blah blah, and you took his photo without his permission (I am not sure but you may have broken some privacy law ) because he used the word “TU”, if you take my picture for this obviously I will be offended. then he said “Jo karna hai kar le”, this might be a response because you threatened him that you will complain to the police. “Ruk main pose deta hun, photo le” is something new which I haven’t seen you use it anywhere in the TV Channels. And other sentences were just a response you threatening him Police will come to you.

    3) Looking at the picture “there seems to be any sort of commotion as other vehicle drivers dont seem to care, this suggests that you are trying to blow this out of proportion, and it was mere verbal altercation and nothing more than that.

    4) Does this “tu” and “jo chahe karle” can be justified for TIMES NOW and NDTV calling him PERVERT (a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.) and Times Now Campaign to NAME and SHAME perverts. Was these headlines were anything close to what really happened? as you have agreed to them it does mean that you definition of pervert is using the word TU.

    5) When the ZEE News channel anchor were asking you some questions, why did you go hyper and started behaving insane by calling the channel “gandi journalism” where as other channels calling him pervert on a mere verbal altercation and using words TU were not “GANDI”? . I could all see a pampered child because you were shoving and pushing your parents on live television. Seriously? and then you walked away because one channel out of the many did not slightly support you. whereas I could see Sarvjeet being calm even while the TIMES NOW journalist was provoking him by calling names, and even for one moment I did not see him loose his cool unlike you you get provoked so easily and your anxiety touched the roof just because a witness was telling his version.

    6) One of Sarvjeet comments in a channel that even he can post to facebook, he knows editing etc you went hyper and started using this to get back public sympathy which you felt you were loosing during that ZEE news interview, seriously that interview alone made around 50% public turning against you.

    7) It was a mere case of attention seeking, someone just hurt you ego and you wanted to take revenge by publishing his photo and those posts, you had never dreamed of the post becoming viral, and when it did you tried to make hay while the sun shines and you did that well until it backfired and if you were my sister I would be worried because you have somewhat become a celebrity in a bad way. and please look up Histrionic Personality Disorder Symptoms.

  116. Delhi Guy

    This comment is directly targeted to Jasleen. Hey Jasleen, have you heard of the “Sher aaya, sher aaya” story? If not let me retell.

    “There was once a boy who for fun, as a prank screamed “Sher…Sher”. When the villagers came running there was no lion.
    Once again as a prank he screamed “Sher…Sher”. When the villagers came running there was no lion again.
    The third time when the boy screamed for help nobody came to his help this time. But unfortunately this time the lion had actually come. And the boy had to pay a huge price. His Life!”

    Now what I am saying here is, when a girl will actually be in danger/molested/harassed/raped, because of people like you they will not get justice.

  117. Dheeraj Shetty

    7) It was a mere case of attention seeking, someone just hurt you ego and you wanted to take revenge by publishing his photo and those posts, you had never dreamed of the post becoming viral, and when it did you tried to make hay while the sun shines and you did that well until it backfired and if you were my sister I would be worried because you have somewhat become a celebrity in a bad way.

  118. Tabrez

    Jasleen Kaur, you should be ashamed of yourself. You destroyed an innocent person’s life just because he stood against your ego. If you weren’t volunteering that day, how come you came from front and stopped the guy? Who gave you the authority to do that? And you escalated a verbal argument to sexual harassment? Bloody shame on you.

    I hope Jasleen rots in Jail for atleast 10years.

  119. BM

    You are a disgrace! For every genuine sexual harassment complaint that will not be taken seriously in the future, people like you would have played some role in perpetuating it! You are a disgrace…you need to be socially ostracized

  120. amit

    What a moron this Jasleen is a typical AAP piece of shit. She discards witness and says court need to decide whether he is witness or not or his claims are true or false, then Moron Jasleen, you are also a witness because criminal cases are crime against state and every party is witness to it. SO then why you didn’t left every thing to the court? and why you have to post his pic without any evidence in hand. And let me tell you moron in cases like these ‘ my word against his/her’ if there is a witness, case is decided on his/her statement, so hugechances you have already lost the case. It was you who was doing gundagiri on road, who the hell are you to control traffic? typical AAP morons!! and why you called him pervert? Your was a well planned drama to rise to fame and become a politician in AAP, but you lost it moron big time!! Go rant somewhere else…bloody loser!!

  121. Zaid

    Why were you there trying to control the traffic ? Did anyone ask you to ? Did the Delhi Traffic Police put out some kind of notice that it is understaffed and needs your help to control the traffic ? Was there any official notice from anyone that said students are going to help police do their job because they cant do it themselves ?

    If anyone wants to run a red light he can do so and it is the problem of the Traffic Department to fine him and deal with it. If there was any person who tried to stop me anywhere on the road, My first question to them would be “What is your problem and Who are you to stop me ? “. This does not in anyway warrant a response in which you take his pic, put false charges on him and then publicly shame him. Even by your version of events and how you present them I cant find anything wrong that the guy has done.

    I have seen civilians monitoring traffic before. I saw it in Gurgaon at many redlights. But in those cases the people were wearing High-Visibility jackets to clearly identify themselves which most likely they were given by police . Also they have police officers standing right by. They just direct any violators to the Police officer and dont start arguing with people themselves.

    Now on to some things that are wrong in your article ..

    1. “”We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness. For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law.””

    You have done that yourself. You know that right ?

    2. “”The particular case and the party have no connections altogether.””

    Actually it does have a connection. You were there on a self-organised vigilante mission under the name of Aam Youth Wing – Tilak Nagar, which is the branch of student organisation of AAP.

    3. “”Again, we have a judicial system in our country to deliberate over and resolve cases and it becomes our duty as citizens to not be influenced by the coloured news claims of channels which walk in with their own prerogative in mind and end up giving the impression of being an alternative court of justice.””

    You did the same thing by first posting it on facebook. Then again on TIMESNOW.

    4. “”All I did was click a picture so that he doesn’t escape with what he threw at me.””

    He said, according to you ” What is your problem”. How is that harassment ?

    5. “”For all that it is worth, all I wanted was to never see or hear of another girl go silent when abused, because we are taught that silence is the best response on the streets. “”

    Have you ever read “The Boy who Cried Wolf” ? If not please read it because what you have done is actually make the streets even more unsafe for women everywhere. Now no one would want to help any girl who really has a problem on the road because of your actions.

    Now what should happen is that Mr. Sarabjeet should go to court. If he is proven innocent then he should file a case of defamation under Section 499, 500.

  122. Sai

    What is the current status of police investigation and legal progress of the case???
    As per our law what kind of punishment will be given to the girl if she was proven guilty???

  123. Youth

    Jasleen being a sikh u did a shameful act ….
    Blaming a person without any hard evidence
    U prooved him wrong
    Big shame on you so calling girl yourself …
    What i have learnt from this case
    If i see any girl in a problem might be she is true ..i will not help her even she is getting raped or any body is looting … Big shame …

  124. Amit

    I just have to say one thing. When you were sympathized and praised, you were so busy in giving press interviews. Where are you now? Why did you choose to present your story through this website? Why not through Times Now/ Zee news again? What I think is you just want to convey your story / thoughts and dont want to face questions. If you are right, start answering questions. You cant expect people to believe you just like that

  125. Kuldeep

    At best and worst, this was just a heated exchange between 2 adults. Where was the need to destroy
    the Guy’s life?? Shame on you Jasleen. You come across as a immature, hypocritical, low on self esteem wannabe. You have been changing your narrative right from day one..proof enough that you
    are a liar.
    Because of you, men will think twice before approaching a girl even with the intention to help.
    YOU are the one who deserves to be punished.
    Shame on you Jasleen.

  126. IhateIdiots

    Dear Jasleen

    As much as I would like to say majority of men in India are d*cks. (The generalization might be over-sweeping). You had no bloody right to humiliate him in public (facebook). You did complain to the police right? Only if the police was being complacent about your complaint should you have resorted to the social media. Why did you post your story on facebook? To share an everyday story? To have netizens publically lynch the person’s character? Whatever your reasons were, it was wrong – netizens are the last resort – when all else fails to hear you. They aren’t your local everyday friends. If the accused has done anything wrong, there are enough safeguards for you to refer to ruin his life. Only when those fail, should you have posted this in social media circles. You made a mistake – one too many -it would be best if you shut up and let your actions do the speaking for you. As you stand, you don’t even have a witness to support ‘any’ of your claims. I would strongly advise that you secure a better position to defend yourself than engage in stupid writing posts like this one.

  127. Nehab

    Dear Jasleen,

    The problem with you is that you come across as a confident girl and not “abla naari” which our “society” is used to seeing or believing. They just can’t digest the fact that a gutsy girl is speaking against an eve-teaser on tv or social media. You were expected to hide your face in shame/never bring up this topic out in the open and accept this incident as a usual guy’s behaviour on every street of Delhi. Basically, what’s the big deal about it?! Plain verbal! That’s normal! I guess it’s hard to understand that fame followed your act and you deserve every bit of it. But I’m not sure that this backlash will encourage anyone else before standing up for herself. On one hand, people are asking not to judge the guy on the basis of account presented by you while on the other they are ready to call you names on his account of events. Classic case of double standards. Applause!!!

  128. Kamal

    The whole story now looks like a fabricated drama putting genuine victims into a tight spot. This case is likely to signal the erosion of credibility of the professional media which chose to take the childish path of social media.

  129. Namesake

    Look, you are delusional lady. What you need to learn is to differentiate between an argument and molestation. If you don’t understand then try to live through the same incident from the other end of the spectrum to realise how wrong you are. You are not right in calling yourself the moral police [gross translation of a traffic volunteer]. In case you think that being a volunteer entitles you to stop people at signal crossing then what is the difference between you and the fanatics/lunatics we see everyday. Your job is to spread awareness about traffic hazards and not spread awareness about how you are spreading awareness about traffic hazards and gain whatever political mileage. From whatever you have clarified in the above article it transpires that the gentleman never resorted to slangs or any form of lucid behaviour. That man was violated just because you overstepped your authority and tried teaching him the right thing at the wrong moment. There is no indication of any foul mouthed incidents or any sexual innuendos passed from either of your sides and that makes this simply an heated argument. No human being likes being told something, when we are grown enough to realise what is right/wrong.
    Secondly, when you say that some TV channels harass you to extract the truth of the matter then you must realise that they are trying to get a clear picture of what has happened. Just because one TV channel devotes all its primetime airtime to publicly shaming the gentleman and victimising you doesn’t mean that it is the truth nor that we have to accept it as such. If you were being wrongly accused of something, then it is these knights who are on a hunt for truth that save you the embarrassment and kill all wrong notions that have propagated. You answered all questions on one TV Channel because they were favourable and victimised you for all the wrong reasons and yet refused to answer the same when asked in a different manner and presented views from an objective point of view. What you didn’t realise that you were heckled and molested in the true sense of the word by the TV channel that presented you in a derogatory manner by resorting to mud slinging and abusive form of media investigation upon the culprit that you wrongly accuse of. It is they who used you to increase their gains in the form of TV ratings and publicise it to the extent that there would no way back even if you wished to having realised that it was a misunderstanding on your part.
    Thirdly, imagine a scenario where the sole witness in an actual case of molestation or sexual violence is rejected because of the arrogance of the defence and the ineffectiveness of the court of law. Witness does not hold prejudice over any parties and simply states the incident that he happened to observe. In such a scenario you squashing away an integral factor to this case proves that you disapprove of him because you have realised inherently that you are at fault. You being dismissive of the only neutral aspect of this case does not suggest anything otherwise.
    Finally, being a woman in a society like ours I hope you understand that this is a step in the wrong direction. Every time a case like this props up and grabs people’s attention it instigates a thought that such a situation where law and order have been misinterpreted/modulated is possible and brings about a biased opinion about genuine cases. Eventually this leads to to women in need of help and justice not being provided the needful. The utmost responsibility as a citizen and primarily a woman is to put to sleep all such thought processes by simply accepting your mistake and clarifying that you made an error in judgement and got carried away in the heat of the moment. This will not bring any harm to your reputation or dignity, instead credit you with accolades for your rational thinking and for being the true representation of strong independent woman. Put to shame the TV channels that utilised your innocence for their benefits and paint a bright picture for any woman born or raised in this great country of ours.

  130. kumud

    Not taking the side of Jasleen, and assuming a lot has changed in her narrative over the couple of days still gives us or the media the right to abuse or slander anyone. Someone did mention in one of the comments, it was a minor scuffle between 2 adults gone wrong….Correct! But the ‘gone wrong’ incident is also something that media & social media have contributed to in a big way.
    If going by her above account (if it is true), Jasleen did the right thing (changes in her narrative over the previous one though shouldn’t be overlooked). We & the media, painted the guy a luchha-lafanga, and then when new twist to story came out, we merrily called Jasleen slut/randi & any other choicest of abuses. Not sure, how many of people did receive the whatsapp messages casting apprehensions on her ‘character’, if we did, and if we shared it ahead, should we not be the one who should be questioned without verifying the content.

  131. Ryan Morris

    “The witness who ‘claims’ to be, has a different narrative of the incident altogether, and his testimony seems, ostensibly, inconsistent with my claims”
    This lines make me laugh so much Jasleen.
    Anyone who does not agree to your statements are not speaking truth! 😀 😀

  132. AJM

    Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy. Shouting ‘Listen to me’ a thousand facts wont change the facts that u misused your ‘Victim’ card to defame a boy.

    1. Kamal

      Advice for police : she says the witness might be a planted one… please get Viswajeets mobile no and his wifes phone no. And u can get to know if they were there…. that will clear the AIR from Jasleen’s Mind (I don’t know if she has).

      Janak puri tak chod do should be taken as a gesture of help … as it’s a location of police headquarter and he might be referring to help her to get there….

  133. naveen

    See the below videos which is telecasted 7 months ago……girl claim that the connection with AAP is years ago….she cant hide the truth…..Just a heated argument between two guys have ruled out the guys life…This is a prove EGO can do anything…..

  134. Ananya

    Jasleen you did a great job by coming forward and lodging a FIR. The one thing you did wrong was going to the media and blatantly accusing someone of wrongdoings. As you yourself mentioned in this article regarding the witness ‘We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness. For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law’, you fall under the same purview and hence you also in the first place were not correct in accusing someone and making him a shame overnight. That should have been left to the court of law.

  135. Lovkush

    Still molestation is not proved hers.though traffic violation can be the case

  136. Sourav

    “The Witness

    The witness who ‘claims’ to be, has a different narrative of the incident altogether, and his testimony seems, ostensibly, inconsistent with my claims. We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness. For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law.”

    Realy ?? What have YOU done here madam ?? All you have done too is ‘claim’ everything, without any substantial proof. How are we supposed to know that the ‘different narrative’ by the ‘witness’ is not true, but yours is 100% credible ?? His claims are inconsistent with yours, do you have proof that yours is consistent with reality ?? As responsible citizens, WE are also in no position to follow the validity of YOUR testimony ..
    & lastly, i’ll just repeat whatever YOU said .. “we have a judicial system and making judgement about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law.” – which is exactly what you have done by knowing how social media justice works.
    When you DO have so much faith over law & order, why didn’t you post the picture & spread it like wildfire AFTER the court failed to provide justice to you ??

    Throughout my life, I have stood up against what is not right. It is undeniable that the status of female safety in India is becoming a sheet of thin ice. But trust me, I HAVE seen incidents like this where a boy has been framed for revenge, personal gain or just because ‘she can’. I have seen this among my relatives, & in a bus in Bangalore (a scuffle over a seat blown to ridiculous proportion by the lady), & in the streets of Kolkata.

    As responsible citizens, we should not misjudge by following a preconceived notion .. that all men are sexual predators.

    1. Kumud

      We judged sarabjit the day the revelation by Jasleen was made, the next day, we were judging Jasleen in all our activist glory. While I’m completely against ‘false’ allegations – I’m also against the social media judgement system that we have so readily accepted to.
      Provided Jasleen was wrong in falsely fabricating Sarabjeet, we have gone overboard in taking out our angst against her. Today while we boast of all those false allegations and mob lynching of innocents, where does our sense of justice disappear when we judge Jasleen? The matter is sub-judice, that means the judiciary is still looking into it, but we the responsible activists of this nation have already passed our judgement – & that includes molesting the integrity of this girl on social media. She is been tried now like a common criminal – where is our sense of decency? She may be just a 20yr old, & the trauma that she will carry for the rest of her life will be massive. & all this I say, if I believe she was at the wrong.
      When do we overlook an incident and move on, we make tall claims of a culture that was inclusive, we take pride in a belief system that made us forgiving, and here we are in all our voyeuristic pleasure judging a girl when the evidence at best is piecemeal & circumstantial.
      We blame Jasleen for taking the issue on social media, and we have decided we will show no mercy when we punish her on social media. What kind of just society does that?
      Dear responsible & unforgiving fellow brethren, remember Jasleen is part of a society we have created. Blaming her, does not wash off our mistakes – we have for long made gospel truths out of hearsay, & today we are just trying to wash our hands clean of it.

    2. Amit

      Is this really very Applaudable to come to Social Media and post a photo of a guy and accused him of harassment and tagged him as Pervert without thinking of its consequences .who gives her right to click somebody photo and post .if any guy would pic of a girl then .is it not a crime? Now what this act has done 1) the guy hast lost his job without being proved by court only because of her hue and cry on social media and electronic media 2) his mother and his family are having best of their time right? Are they not traumatized by this incident what happens to his sson ? 3) if the guy is honourably acquitted by court can this girl makeup his tarnished image ever in life because once reputation destroys it took very long time to recover 4) if girl is wrong then in future can people won’t hesitate to help a girl who needs help genuinely? These are said easier than done .Now coming to your concern for that girl .Till tat point of time when girl was praising for daring act and tagged as Brave heart of Delhi she was OK with it and now more facts are coming to public which are against her and people critisises her then she has problem with it why? It was she who brings the issue to social media and scream for their attention so then u should be brave enough to accept praises and criticism both positively because “the wind don’t flow according to your wish always” the people can have their own different perceptions and u can’t control it .and remember these people who criticises her don’t know her issue they are not interested at all in fact she made her story public for attention or else let the police and judicial system should do their work but this didn’t happen right. I am bother only because in this case if she is wrong then people will hesitate to help a girl who needs genuinely I have also a sister I have concern for them because of this media hype if it is a fake case then it ‘all be known to public and the image of genuine girl will also be tarnish .I hope The TRUTH Triumphs.

    3. kumud shankar

      The matter which I am referring to really does not even relate to who is right or who is wrong in this case. The public opinion in this case or any other case is like a pendulum where people just take sides with a rabid aggression without having any knowledge of the incident.
      My question is to the society at large – does it need to react so vehemently to an incident which is sub-judice. Now referring back to case of Jasleen, if she was wronged, and she took to social media, she did the right thing to highlight the general public apathy which is activist in nature only on social media. It got the police to act. In case she is wrong (mind it, this also needs to be proved), the judicial system will expose this too. Who are we to judge which side is correct or wrong based on how media plays the story. The accused in this case to my knowledge is merely out on bail and not been declared innocent, which in case he truly is, he should be and Jasleen be punished if she was in the wrong.
      My concern is with us, how we have come out with choicest of abuses for the Jasleen and mind you this is true even if she is in the wrong. The yardstick to measure can not be different for different people. Accusing someone falsely is wrong, but the quantum of punishment has to be based on system of fair justice and not in the name of public sentiments.
      Coming to the point of who will trust a girl and come out in support of her, we still will on social media, but never on the roads. The trauma is never empathised but always showcased, such is the state of mentality. You must understand that post the Jasleen post, police reacted and jailed the accused. If there was something wrong in that hurried act, the police should be held responsible too. However to note that if Sarabjit is innocent, it would have been proved in the court and Jasleen exposed by it. All the allegations & counter-allegations by both sides now under the radar of media is not helping clear the air.

    4. Amit

      With all due respect to your opinion my very simple clarification to your doubt that why people are reacting so aggressively ? I m not going to the case at simple saying is if “YOU GO” to your friends “IT IS THEIR CHOICE” to response according to their wish whether you like it or not you can’t control your friends’ opinion na neither you impose your thought on them atmost you can express your opinion and thats it and if you don’t like it so you should have not gone to take your friends’ opinion.It is as simple as this here also She Came to public to React to her issue nobody had approached her So be gentle to face their Reactions .I m not going into the case Case I m only justifying people reaction that’s it whatever it may be .ma’am this is INDIA where public welcome cricket team with flowers if they won a match and same public welcome with shoes if the team lost a match and this is Democracy right to express their feelings Let finished it now .

    5. kumud

      Boils down to the same thing – it’s an extreme analogy but this sounds very much like the kangaroo courts that the Naxals claim to boast of. My point is against the extreme reaction by a public that is both ill-informed as well as does not have a sense of justice.
      & when we blame Jasleen, we have already decided she was at the wrong, which looking at the case, can not be proved unless there is a pre-conceived notion that the public wants to follow.
      I agree with your view, the public reaction is reactionary, my worry is there is nothing revolutionary about it, just being too easy to sway like a passing wind

  137. Sourav

    The whole incident stinks to high heaven.

    1) When Prannoy Roy argues about the “Tabloidization of News” by the Indian media,
    the whole paraphernalia apparatus which made this into a national headline only affirms to its validity. When jumping the gun and making bigoted remarks to pander to the patriotic burgoiseie is a business directive to whip up TRP, it is such lumpen burgeoining parasitic media houses with TIMES NOW at the vanguard which should be in front lines of public backlash, not Jasleen & Sarvjeet.

    It is high time one realizes that such Kangaroo court blitzkreig & kneejerk moralization rhetoric only polarizes and fractures public perception/consent and reduces serious debates to cacocophonous dabbling of the binary.

    2) Apart from the mob lynching and the lumpen polarization of social media and platforms like and unlike, what bothers me most is how deeply unaddressed class conflict is in the contemporary debate about gender equality and justice. Gender discourse is never a unidimensional men vs women debate and to leave out the strands of caste and class out of the narrative is at once regressive and archaic and is deeply symptomatic of collective myopia.

    3) The alacrity of the establishment to extract political mileage and the police declaring a cash reward for bravery only proves how kneejerk reactionary discourse has been rammed into the social fabric by the camaraderie of ruling elite and corporate media, interested only in splitting the spills.

    4) Let us not forget that crimes against women is still a malaise of the present and to lose one sense of perspective and importance of the struggles for gender justice and equality over such half baked soap operatic pot boilers is an insult to the seriousnessness of such discourse vis a vis Feminism. Let us not forget of the bottom dwelling marginalised and the abused who are still far away from any access to social justice and entitlement and much work is still to be done.

    5) I laud Youthkiawaz for being the first & probably the only platform to have a dispassionate objective coverage of this incident and not indulgin in facile gossipmongering and drawing premature conclusions! Keep up the good work.


  138. rajiv

    Jason did everything the right way. May other girls learn how to do thing properly from her example. Irresponsible news channels, trolling Jasleen, does not help make India a just and fair society.

  139. rajiv

    Jasleeen did everything the right way. May other girls learn how to do thing properly from her example. Irresponsible news channels, trolling Jasleen, does not help make India a just and fair society.

  140. chinmay

    According to me :

    I tried being unbiased.

    1/ If the guy was jumping the red light, the traffic police has to take action personally or CCTV footage. We cannot start asking everyone to go by the law, that’s the prerogative of the concern person. There should be a change in mindset of everyone(obeying traffic rules, not impose the rules on others unless you are from Law). I myself obey traffic rules, but I have seen many who just don’t. I never jump a red light even if the road is free and someone is honking from behind. I just say it’s red light.

    2/ If ” Law has to take it course” , then after filling a police complaint the girl should not have posted it on the social media. As according to both of them , they are saying the truth. As we never were there, we can never know what actually happened.

    3/ According to the girl, if the gentlemen is saying a lie, then I have a feeling that everyone has spiced up the story a bit.

  141. Nikita

    He didn’t abuse you when you asked him to stop. He didn’t say anything. But obviously when you take out your phone and start taking pictures of him. HE WILL React.

    I can’t even believe there is no harassment case filed against this girl. I mean, if some guy pulled out his cellphone and started taking my pictures I would freak out. I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what is your reason and where you are going to use those pictures.

    How dare you click a picture of a person, who hadn’t abused you, who hadn’t done any physical harm to you.


    Are you not, by labeling this falsely as abuse, belittling the plight of women who had to undergo such trauma.
    You said he made obscene remarks at you. However, you fail to get one witness on your side. He actually has one witness who claims, you made the obscene remarks.

    Also, mark my words people, slowly and slowly she will change this story and turn this into a story of How He Ran Over me with his bike. Initially it was labelled as a case of sexual assault and now slowly it is turning into a case of Road Rage.

    Also, You intermittently refer to yourself as the victim and him the assaulter. Did they not teach you basic law in St. Stephen’s. Did they not cover the perils of running a media trial. Yes, we get it you know Arvind Keriwal and if you tweet, he will share the tweet. If you scream, he will holler back at you, your wolf-like howls resonating, scaring every non-AAP guy who wishes to safely drive away from the likes of you, waiting patiently for their ticket into Arvind Kejriwal’s cabinet.

    What gave you the right of ruining that guy’s life, image, job and probably every smudge of self-respect in front of everyone. What gave you the right of posting a picture of someone’s boy over the internet, labeling his character as you saw fit. What’s the difference between you and those hackers who steal pictures of innocent actresses in the name of generating the next wardrobe malfunction phenomena.

    You may call yourself the victim but had it not been for that one eye-witness, YOU would have destroyed a man’s life. This wasn’t a rationally crafted piece to argue you. You probably are sitting in Aam Aadmi Party headquarters in an air-conditioned room laughing at us with Arvind Kejriwal. I am typing this in Metro on my phone, I can’t come up with logical arguments because I am shocked at this incident, the grave and crass misuse of my gender, the level of audacity which you displayed. Had it been displayed from the other side, you would have cried foul so loud and gathered every last AAP member to kill the guy.


  142. crowmax

    LOL.We seems to have stuck in an endless whirlpool as it seems from here by legalizing women rights. Even in the western countries, the most enlightened of women wouldn’t launch an FIR against verbal abuse, more so, when verbal abuse was mutual. The arrogance demonstrated by this lady, is typical of south Asian women or rather conservative countries. Even in the western countries, feminism is, currently, a marginalized movement, because even many of the women do not support it. TBH, feminism is unnatural movement anyways, especially the radical ones. Unless it was violence or psychical abuse, filing of complaint over mere verbal abuse, is simply psychotic. Maybe the lady should get a bunker and spend her life in it, because in real life, people have to suffer countless such episodes as part of life. So, get a bunker designed for yourself, dear lady.

  143. One more story

    Hey, here is what i dig up on the same platform, worth reading. amazingly so called victim is hesitant to file police complain. her idea of justice is naming and shaming men thats it

    More surprisingly same lady wrote another story one year back. again no police complaint followed just Social media justice.

    It a time to seriously think about social media judgement.

  144. Ash

    After this incidence and after going through many comments I feel like, now when a girl faces such situation where a girl asks a man not to do a particular thing which is not right (lawfully) And a man overpowers her and when heated arguments takes place the onlookers just keep watching the drama doing nothing at that particular time.
    And when girl dares to file a complaint against him(a man) he challenges her he would ruin her life if she does so..and this time when the same thing repeats where a man is actually ar fault…but this time no one will support a girl,she is exaggerating the matter, nothing much happened since according to people
    Abusing is normal
    In an heated argument. A stranger can abuse you pass a obscene comment because these are all normal these days. Right?
    But for some these things are not normal. It really affects some people mentally.
    Those words haunts mentally who are not used to all these kind of language.

    People ask us to be a responsible citizens and stop someone from breaking laws.
    When we do we face such a situation where we are being abused and tortured.

    We are no one to judge here.
    What happened that night no one knows
    The so called witness could have came to rescue the innocent the same day. He didn’t. No one actually did.

    Media is here just to make money…they really don’t care of anybodies life.

    Who is culprit no one knows

    But abusing any one,Whether it is a man or woman is not right.

    So,after hearing both jasleen’s side and sarbjeet’s side
    We can’t conclude who is right who is wrong. Since we never saw what actually happened.
    We just can’t blindly support that guy and start cursing jasleen. Let “actually” the court decide.

    If people start deciding who is right and who is wrong in this way than who knows an actual culprit gets easily saved and a victim has to suffer a bad fate.

    No one in future will belive a true person who is a victim of auch crimes,when a culprit comes out faking all the allegations made against him.

    When their is no proof don’t conclude on who was right and was wrong
    Let the investigation take place.
    And let the truth prevails

  145. test

    lookie here

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