[Y]ral: Watch John Oliver Blast Our Disastrous Approach To Sex Education In Schools

Posted on August 11, 2015 in Sex, Sexual Health, Taboos, Video

By Asmita Sarkar:

India is the country where porn can be banned overnight but addressing issues like teenage pregnancy and child marriages is a long drawn distant dream. And sex education, is just unthinkable. Teaching abstinence, instead of safe sex or better yet, pretending like sex doesn’t exist has been the policy practiced by our families and schools so far.

John Oliver, funny man, and social commentator talks about the plight of sex education in US. While US doesn’t seem to be fairing very well on the sex ed radar, India lags behind completely. Not only is there no sex education, there is also an increase in teenage pregnancy and self-abortion cases.

The video is not only going to leave you in splits but will also teach you about what is contraception, how to use a condom, what is an IUD, what is consent, different forms of birth control- every topic that our schools and parents shy away from teaching.

Watch it to know, what you didn’t know, about what you didn’t know.