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We Asked, You Answered: Watch What Delhi Thinks About Abusive Relationships

Posted on August 10, 2015 in Bear No More, Domestic Violence, Taboos

By Asmita Sarkar:

“Violence is a part of relationships”
“Men are never victims”
“Violence is only physical”
“It will never happen to you”
“First love is the one forever”

The list is endless. While the discussion about domestic violence has garnered an audience, those outside the ambit of institutionalized relationships struggle alone in their lone fight. What people believe to be true in the name of love and relationships, is disturbing, and stops them from stepping out of abusive relationships. It could happen to anyone, of any gender, regardless of the fact that they are in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.

#BearNoMore, a campaign started by LoveMatters, attempts to engage and educate people about Intimate Partner Violence, which is described as violence perpetuated emotionally, physically or sexually by a partner. The campaign, addressing violence inflicted by people in relationships outside of marriage, creates awareness on how to recognise an abusive relationship, beliefs that are accepted as part and parcel of a relationship but are harmful and how one can leave an abusive relationship.

But to do so, one needs to know what people think about abusive relationships.

Watch this video to know what the Delhi youth thinks.