INFOGRAPHIC: The Scary Future That Throwing Away Your Phones & Computers Is Creating

Posted on September 18, 2015 in Environment

By Asmita Sarkar:

The animated movie Wall-E opens with the view of a scary future for Earth. Uninhabited and teeming with piles of waste higher than skyscrapers. Now, that was an animated movie but that could well be our reality in the coming years.

Data shows the alarming rate at which we are producing waste, especially digital waste. United States, alone, produces 3.3 million tons, contributing to the global total of 40 million tons of e-waste in one single year.

The known sources of digital waste are United States, The European Union, South Korea, Japan and Australia. The suspected and known destinations for dumping that digital waste is the whole world, including India.

Even while India is dealing with its own e-waste generation, waste from the West is making its way into our seaports- Vizag, Chennai, and Gujarat- inspite of laws that ban the import of electronics, exist.

Next time, instead of throwing away your electronic product find out the nearest e-waste collection center like WEEE Recycle, E-Parisaraa, Attero among others.

Image source: Good and Column Five
Image source: Good and Column Five