‘He Was Masturbating In A Moving Auto’: A Young Woman Recounts A Horror Story

Posted on September 2, 2015 in Gender-Based Violence, My Story, Taboos

By Deepika

Trigger warning: Graphic content

When I got off early from my training class at Sector 64 Noida, I decided to go shopping with two of my friends at The Great India Place Mall located at Sector 18. Since the Botanical Gardens metro station is quite a few kilometres from Sector 64, we decided to take a shared auto from our training centre. Due to daily traffic jams, most people in Noida prefer travelling in local shared autos instead of their personal vehicles. This is mostly because shared autos are frequently available and have a lower cost of travelling. Hence, the three of us sat in a shared auto along with three other men.

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While I was busy thinking about what I should buy, I noticed the three men sitting in front of us. Two of them seemed to be in their mid-thirties, and were wearing a kurta and trouser. The third guy, wearing jeans and a shirt, had a laptop bag on his lap, and was sitting just in front of me. He had a bearded face and looked like someone between 23-25 years of age. He seemed like a very unpleasant personality to me on the very first look.

On the way to the metro station, I observed that this guy was getting very restless and making inappropriate movements. One of his hands was under the bag on his lap and the other above it. I ignored him initially. Within the next minute, I saw him shaking and vibrating. Then I looked at him and he stopped. This happened again, and whenever I looked at him, he would stop.

The very next minute when he did that again, I realised that he was masturbating. Yes he was! In that moving auto; between FIVE other people sitting near him, he was masturbating! I felt so embarrassed of the situation that I could not think of what I could possibly say. So I had no choice but to ignore him.

The very next moment there was a vigorous movement, he stopped with a jerk and I felt that something had fallen on my feet. Initially, I thought that it was just a feeling, but the moment I looked down, there was actually something. It was a warm-white-thick-sticky fluid. This scandalised me so much that I could not utter a single word for a while.

After one minute of complete silence I finally said, “Kya ho raha hai yeh? Kya batameezi hai! (What is happening? How shameless of you!)” That guy had guts to reply, “Kya? Kuch bhi to nahi hua (What? Nothing has happened).” This had made me so furious that I shouted, “Bakwaas band kar aur bahar nikal pehle (Shut up! And get out of the auto immediately).” I asked the auto driver to stop the auto and throw that guy out of the auto. He then immediately ran out of the auto. I felt so disgusted about the whole situation that I felt like vomiting. I took out a water bottle from my bag and washed my foot over and over again. I felt like cutting off my own foot and throwing it away.

The very first thing that I did when I reached the mall was to buy a new pair of shoes. This incident had gotten to me so much that it disturbed me for a very long time. I had always felt so ‘Dabangg’ while travelling by local transport. But now, this incident still haunts me every time I even think of going anywhere in public. I cannot even understand what goes inside the heads of such schmucks.

Please just go home and enjoy! And let others live their life! Why do you have to express your sexual desires in public? Why is there no shame? Please stop!