15 Questions That Indians Are Asking Mr.Modi As He Gets Ready To Meet Zuckerberg!

Posted on September 24, 2015 in Lists, Media

By YKA Staff

With PM Modi set to meet the baap of all social media transactions, Mark Zuckerberg this Sunday, the 27th of September, the grape wine is alive and abuzz (violently almost, like the fire that burns Mr.Goswami’s nightly ‘debates’) with what the meeting is going to be all about. While some are fretting over Zuckerberg agreeing to hand over all our FB secrets to the PM (google how bhai Zucki lent a helping hand to the NSA’s massive surveillance program, Prism), others responded to FB’s call for questions that they have for the PM, that they’ll bring up in the Townhall Q&A with him.
Here is a random selection from the close to 1300 comments/questions (on our last check) that Zuckerberg’s FB post has garnered till now:

Capture 16

Capture 8

Modi quest 1

Modi quest 2

Modi quest 3

Capture 4A

Capture 5

Capture 6-7

Capture 9

Capture 10




And this is how illustrator Maitri Dore sees the impending meet:

maitri dore mark zuckerberg narendra modi facebook
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