A Quick Look At Man’s Unique Relationship With Space: Is It Owned By Anyone?

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Sci-Tech

By YKA Staff:

In 1980, Dennis Hope began a business for selling land on the Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and one of Jupiter’s moons Io. He has now sold 611 million acres of land on the Moon, 325 million acres on Mars, and a combined 125 million acres on Venus, Io and Mercury! Can he do that legally? Well, that’s one for the UN to answer.

According to the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ of 1967, all celestial bodies are to be considered peaceful bodies. Yet, since 1961, mankind has been trying to reach for the stars, and reach first. India too has made large strides in space travel, with Mangalyaan, India’s space probe orbiting the planet Mars since 2014. But space and space travel is not just the realm of ISRO, NASA or other space organizations. The common man is also catching up. Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson is now offering flights into space for its customers, with actors like Ashton Kutcher booking their seat in advance.

This infographic shows how the world has evolved space travel over time and how different countries and people are still scrambling to be that one power with the maximum satellites and spaceships, ready to own the world above their own.

Source: Nerdgraph.com