Two Ace Athletes With Disability, And A Woman Trying To Share Their Story With The World

Posted on September 3, 2015 in Society

By Monika Kathuria

I was teaching my class of toddlers at a school, which also has a wing for children with special needs, when the teacher in-charge called me and asked me to make an introduction video for two children who the school wanted to send for the special Olympics. Praveen is a Special Olympic gold medal winning athlete, who is also a national level football player, while Snehil is an ace at field hockey, ice hockey and football, having won a gold in the special Olympics for football. He also won several medals for roller skating at the national level. This short film was made to be a part of the Generation Unified Social Impact Summit (GenUin) organised by Special Olympics International. Since it was the last date to fill up the form, I hurriedly made up a project and submitted my application. Who would have known then that it would be 1 of the only 3 projects selected from all over the country?

The day I reached Los Angeles, I got a mail from The Asian Age that the story of my film had been published on their cover page. The very next day, when I pitched my project to the judges at the special Olympics GenUin programme, I could see the happiness in their eyes after watching the short film. That was the moment I realised that I had made the right decision. I had spent twice of what I earn in a year, and I have no regrets at all, this journey helped me meet so many inspirational people, who have taken on the world with their special powers.

This is just the beginning. In almost a year’s time, Monika will be making another short film about the life a child with special needs. In addition, she will be putting up exhibitions of their art work and will be publishing inspirational stories to create awareness. All of this cannot be done without your support. You can volunteer to help here.