Have Toys To Spare? Give Them To This Unique Bank That’s Making Children Really Happy

Posted on September 30, 2015 in Video

Text by Asmita Sarkar:

Soft, furry and eternal. That’s how toys can be, unlike childhoods, which get over too soon. For some much sooner than the others.

The country with the largest number of child labourers, one realises that the burden of India’s growth doesn’t just fall on the large young workforce we tout about. It will also be carried by hands too small for such burdens. Shweta Chari, the founder of Toybank, talks about how children as young as 11 are being employed in the carpet, firecrackers and other industries in this video.

But this can be stopped, and organisations like Toybank are doing precisely that. An effort at preserving and in some cases reminding children of their childhoods, it has already reached out to thousands.

Toybank, an NGO, holds true to its motto- giving back the right to childhood. By taking toys as donation they distribute it to children who otherwise won’t have access to any, and create toy libraries where children can come and play. You can be a part of this happy journey as well by donating your old toys. To donate, click here.

Video Courtesy Our Better World: a digital storytelling platform that tells stories of good to inspire action.