This Beauty Tutorial By An Acid Attack Survivor Makes A Hard-Hitting Point

Posted on September 4, 2015 in Human Rights, Taboos, Video

By Anugraha Hadke

Last year, 18 year old Reshma was on her way to a school exam when her brother in-law allegedly threw sulphuric acid at her, which led to the loss of her left eye, and partial blindness in her right, apart from severe burns on her face.

But instead of letting this attack take over her life, she has taken up the initiative to fight and raise awareness regarding acid attacks, and protest against the open sale of acid.

In India, the open sale of acid has been banned by the Supreme Court since 2013.  The current government is also trying to develop a software that will help in the regulation of acid sale in the country. Additionally, refusal to provide treatment to acid attack survivors is a punishable offence.

Despite these efforts, acid continues to be easily available in markets. A total of 310 cases of acid attack were reported last year alone.

In this empowering video, Reshma not only breaks the stereotypes of the ideals of beauty, but also sends across a powerful message we should pay attention to.