As Our Numbers Grow, We’re Dangerously Close To Running Out Of Food. But There Is A Solution

Posted on September 19, 2015 in Video

By Asmita Sarkar:

Almost 9 million sq. km, i.e. half of South America is what we use to feed the cities of the world. To feed the whole world, we would need as much land area as the whole of the South American continent. And this is just for the crops. For livestock we’d need almost the whole of Africa.

Land for habitation and farming is becoming a problem as 57% of the world’s land is uninhabitable (unsuitable for living) but population keeps increasing (India is posed to cross China’s by 2020).

Add climate change to the mix and the result is that the future of our food is in trouble. The solution for this growing problem, as the video says, could be in urban farming – or growing food in our cities.

Watch this video to know how you can farm in your city and homes, and help save the world from an early extinction.

Video Courtesy: The Good Stuff