[Y]ral: What Happens When A Man Wishes To Be A Woman, And It Comes True?

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Video

By Asmita Sarkar:

Careful what you wish for. This old adage has never been truer than in the case of Kiran, a man who has just had enough of the ‘unfair’ way men are treated. After a few drinks, one night, Kiran wishes to be in the favourable position of women. And guess what, his ridiculous wish comes true. Beginning next morning, his ordeal begins. The gender bender in the series is no clichéd Bollywood plot-where his body transforms into a woman’s; the twist has been executed much more smartly. Kiran stays as himself but the world view gets skewered where men have been socially positioned as women are today.

The four part original web series, created by Yashraj Films in collaboration with Project Everyone, a Richard Curtis project, for the Global Goals Campaign follows the protagonist through his very Freaky Friday-ish moments where he’s harassed, molested and stared at.

The web series, which focuses on the fifth sustainable development goal– achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls, addresses the issues of gender disparity and why feminism is needed, in a way the urban youth can relate.

Via YFilms

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