Buy A Human For $90: 10 Most Horrifying Things About Human Trafficking

Posted on October 6, 2015 in Society

By YKA Staff:

The child you see begging at the traffic signal could have been brought to the streets of Delhi through a circuitous route from the hinterlands of India. The human trafficking problem in the country is so huge that an organisation along the lines of Narcotics Control Bureau is being created to deal with intelligence, investigation, rescue and rehabilitation of the victims.

A 31.6 billion dollars industry, human trafficking is exploiting people in vulnerable situations. Rohingya women in Myanmar, for example, sell themselves to prospective grooms or are forced to do so in order to pay for travel to safer land, especially in Malaysia. A Reuters investigation proves that Thailand’s immigration officials are involved in spiriting off Rohingya refugees to Malaysia. In light of the massive refugee crisis in middle-east, one wonders how many men, women and children are vanishing without a trace everyday.

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