[Y]ral: Can We Ignore This Remark In Kangana Ranaut’s Powerful Interview?

Posted on October 13, 2015 in Video

By Asmita Sarkar:

Kangana Ranaut, who attended the Women In The World Summit in New York this year talked about some important issues that still plague women in India and the world. Her honest conversation about the negative perception about the girl child to her decade long struggle to make her presence be acknowledged in Bollywood, which only employs actresses based on their looks not talent, with the BBC News reporter, Shabnam Mahmood, is a testimony to her strong opinions.

I wanted to be the person who could their own hero”, says Kangana Ranaut at the Summit which is organised by Tina Brown Live Media. Tina Brown, a British journalist had begun the Women In The World Foundation to fund and provide opportunities to organisations working for women’s issues.

While talking about her sister, who is an acid attack victim, she opines about ‘how criminals are animals’. Her problematic remark, which doesn’t take into account that counselling and rehabilitation can prove beneficial in changing criminal behaviour, is largely ignored by the interviewer, perhaps to not derail the conversation about women’s empowerment or the lack thereof in India.

In her interview, Kangana, reiterates how women need to snatch their place in the society as the birth of a girl child is hardly ever celebrated in the country. She says that if not seen as a tragedy it’s definitely seen as a setback.

From being someday who has been laughed at for her accent today she has broken stereotypes that a female-centered movie can’t be a blockbuster.

Video Courtesy: Women In The World