A Mumbai Uni Student Reveals The Injustice That Is Putting Students’ Careers At Stake

Posted on October 1, 2015 in Campus Watch

By Anonymous:

Have you ever been woken up by a nightmare during exams where you see yourself helpless and unable to finish your paper? Or maybe you kept on sleeping and missed the train to reach the examination hall on time, or you just forgot that you had an exam? Well, those are nothing compared to real life nightmares that you get to see and experience while studying at the very famous Mumbai University (MU).

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Along with the fear of exams comes the inevitable fear of the administrative problems of Mumbai University. Students of present and past batches have experienced some really bad situations while taking their university level exams and the procedures related to it, which don’t come to light on many instances.

At the beginning of the year itself, you will see professors telling students to be careful while writing their papers, rather than telling them the syllabus first, because even professors are clueless of the myriad problems that might arise during and after an MU examination, and they cannot help their students. I want to highlight some eye-opening instances that will scare and alert anyone wanting to seek admission to Mumbai University.

1) What if you turn up at the examination center on time, finish your paper and anticipate that you will get at least more than the expected marks, but while looking for your results, your name has vanished! How would you feel? Well, MU will mark you absent and even fail you even if you have valid proof of being present while writing the paper and you will have to write your exams all over again and waste one year of your life writing exams which you have already written just because MU marked you absent!

2) There is no end to the long and never ending mental trauma that one has to go through while taking admission to a different college post studying at MU because they don’t have the hard copy of the mark sheets ready even 10 months post declaration of results.

3) If you are planning to do a short-term course from MU, think twice, be wise! A topper of her respective course in my college still hasn’t been provided with her passing certificate for the course, even after several threats and follow ups. Finally, after two years she has even given up the hope of getting it.

4) Another student, in a similar situation, had to do her Master’s Degree all over again from another university because she did not have a valid proof of completion of the same and was denied jobs.

5) In yet another case, where a girl who was the topper in all 5 semesters in her 3 year BSc. course was shocked to see that she had failed in one subject in semester 6 while she got more than 60% out of 75 in all the other subjects. With this, her expectations and aspirations were broken. Not only did she have to write the exams all over again but also had to pay extra for the second attempt and the re-evaluation.

7) Here’s the cherry on the cake. To top it all, I have seen administrative staff working on Windows 98 systems at MU and in some offices the work is done manually. In this hi-tech world, where everything can be done so easily with just a click, we still have people following the old school techniques of work at one of the best Universities in the country.

If you have all the time and money in the world (and patience), and if you are willing to waste an entire year of your life, just because a clerk in some office in the University of Mumbai couldn’t do his job properly, or a computer couldn’t record your name in the exam list, do enroll for a course at MU, once the pride of the country, now almost in shambles.

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