What Happens When Men And Women Are Asked The Same Questions About Their Life

Posted on October 23, 2015 in Sexism And Patriarchy, Taboos, Video

By Oxfam India:

Can you continue to work after having children? When you get married, are you expected to take your spouse’s surname? When 8 different individuals, male and female, are asked such questions about their daily life, what responses can one expect?

Oxfam India, an organization that aims to create a just, equal and sustainable society by empowering the underprivileged, has come out with a video that proves a point. Men, on many occasions, are unaware that they are privileged in many ways. Till date, women have to leave their jobs after getting married, they are unable to wear whatever they wish to without facing harassment- the list goes on. Over time, traditions and customs have made us adapt to certain ‘normative’ ideas, and rarely do we question this normativity, where a woman is inferior to a man, and has to adapt to a man’s society. We never ask each other such fundamental questions, which define the framework of society, but we simply conform to it. It’s time to ask whether we all enjoy the same freedoms. It is time to take women and their issues #outofspotlight.