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No Dearth Of Talent, Not Enough Support: Why Short Film Directors Have It Difficult In India

Posted on October 6, 2015 in Culture-Vulture

By Shajan Samuel:

Unbridled and sometimes irrational optimism is the hallmark of great short filmmakers. There is no better way to catapult your way into the galaxy of cinema, than by starting off with a few good short films. Today, in India, they are seriously considered as a format, and used to spot film-making talent. And yet, India doesn’t have an ecosystem in place for short filmmakers, most of them borrow cameras, play multiple roles and hurriedly make a film without following any process, right from script to screen.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

With the success of Sujoy Ghosh’s Ahalya, a tectonic revolution has happened concerning online platforms as well as short films. Most of the short filmmakers don’t get independent producers, so they invest their money. For them, the only sliver of hope is digital platforms plus the incentive to win awards at film festivals. With social media and good leveraging capabilities, a short film can create visibility. This is where short filmmakers should outsource their expertise. Too many cooks don’t make the right dish, the right ingredient does. So, a good short film should be about putting a good team together & working in tandem.

ABC is one such Hindi short film that is trying to break new ground and usher in a new movement. The script was chosen out of 450 scripts through a nationwide competition. The principal cast and crew of the film consist of established mainstream actors and technicians. The film is shot on red epic camera and is very high on production values. Generally short films don’t have a trailer and a premier but ABC is following a process similar to mainstream film-making. The official premier is planned for Oct 9th in Bangalore.