10 Powerful Photos Of How Rohingya Muslims, Iraqis And Many Others Perceive Their Identities

Posted on October 20, 2015 in Lists

By Ankita Mukhopadhyay:

How does one identify oneself? Through clothes, sexuality, religion or their alter ego? Forms of identity are many, singular and plural. Some of us are still searching for our identity, some of us are in love with it. Some of us have lost our identity and now have to build one from scratch. Captured in these photos, that are a part of the Delhi Photo Festival, are some such lives that are caught in the identity riddle. From the Rohingya Muslims who are struggling to preserve their identity in a country where they are marginalised, to those still reeling from the agonizing birth of their country in Bangladesh, as well as the Native Americans who are still fighting to preserve their culture in an ever-growing America…these are just some of the many more examples of identity in its various forms, captured in various frames.

1. In The Bag For The North: Emmanuel Satolli

Central American refugees continue to enter the United States illegally. These photos explore the items they carry in their bags.

Josué Alfredo Navarrete, 52, from El Salvador.
Josué Alfredo Navarrete, 52, from El Salvador.

2. The Album: Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai explores family life through his photo album.

Raghu Rai

3. Fear: Memo Magazine

The fear of war, the lack of freedom or education, the fear of not making it or not being accepted. From Libya, Pakistan, to Ukraine this issue approaches different aspects of fear through the lenses of the founders of the magazine.

Me-Mo_ Diego Ibarra Sanchez

4. Bangladesh, A Brutal Birth: Kishor Parekh

Bangladesh was formed amidst brutal turmoil. Kishor Parekh explores the story of its birth through this photo.

Kishore Parekh

5. Just The Two Of Us: Klaus Pitchler

Who hasn’t wanted to assume the identity of someone else at least once? Dressing up is a way of creating an alter ego and a second skin, to which one can adjust their behaviour.

Klaus Pichler

6. Rohingya: Michael Drost-Hansen

Since they lost citizenship, the Rohingya Muslims have been exposed to something resembling ethnic cleansing. They now live in government-controlled camps for displaced people.

Every week boats filled with Rohingya are leaving the camps. They hope to be accepted in Thailand or Malaysia. Some men take off on the dangerous journey alone leaving wife and children back. When they arrive, they will work and send money back to family. It is not sure they will ever be reunited.

7. 100 Years: Sandy Gutowski

Gutowski Cecilia is 100 years old, she is still engaged to life. With her sense of humour she proves that there is another possible way to ageing.

Sandy Gutowski

8. Mädchenland: Karolin Klüppel

In the state of Meghalaya in India, the Khasi people form the majority of the population. Here, it is the women who are at the forefront of their family.

Ibapyntngen with bugs

9. Safe Haven: Sebastian Forkarth

Safe Haven focuses on the process of modernization and development in urban spaces in Iraq, and the role of its multi-ethnic inhabitants who are connected to the occurring changes.

Kurdistan 168

10. Angst: Soham Gupta

Angst is the reaction to the trial weaklings in our society have to go through.

Soham Gupta

To see more such pictures, head to the Delhi Photo Festival, 2015 (DPF).