Want To Multiply Your Profits? Here’s How Investing In Women Would Be A Smart Move

Posted on October 5, 2015 in Society

By YKA Staff:

Businesses having a better gender mix, research proves, reap greater results. And there’s cold, hard proof for that now. The case for investing in women, a report, by Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, will tell you tell you exactly what the world has been losing out on by not investing in women and why it should take the data seriously. In Britain, for example, by 2020, women will supposedly have higher pay than men and they already own 48% of the country’s wealth. In India, on the other hand, we still squabble over the 33% reservation of seats in the Parliament.

An interview with Consson Locke, Assistant Professor of Management at London School of Economics, would tell you how hiring more women in the workplace makes it more egalitarian and increases profits. Her findings, as this visual would prove, are not limited to companies; appointing 30% or more women in political organisations, focussing on their education and increasing their land holdings, has proven to be better for the country as well.

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