6 Reasons Why I Think Home Tutoring Can Be A Good Alternative To Classroom Education

Posted on November 24, 2015 in Education, Lists

By Agniva Banerjee:

Competition and technological advancement has transformed the education scenario of India today. Every child is now expected to perform well to shine brightly in their own career. These days even premier educational institutes fail to give individual care and attention to the students. Hence, I believe that there is growing need for private education. Private tuitions, mainly home tutoring bring along benefits galore to facilitate quality education in the comfort of your home. It ensures quality time for one-to-one interaction between students and teachers that might be difficult in schools and educational institutes. However, this process of studying that is happening both in school and home can leave a student exhausted as they have to do a major exercise of their brains that makes them susceptible to stress. I believe that careful planning and following a properly organized routine can help a child imbibe the best of both, extracting the maximum from the benefits of home tutoring.

Some Benefits Of Home Tutoring:

1. Review and revisit lesson plans that are taught in schools for better retention and understanding: Studies have revealed that students without notes can retain 10% of the lessons taught in the classroom. Periodic repetition and revision with a teacher at home can help boost memory, and the individual will be able to remember more than 80% of the lessons. This will help them in strengthening their understanding of the lessons, tweak their basic concepts and enhance their sense of application. It will make their foundation about a particular concept stronger.

Educators also help explain to students the fundamentals in a simple and a faster way than teachers in the classroom, because the focus is on only one individual. Their attention stays on one child, clearly explaining every intricate detail of a lesson. For instance, after reaching home if you are doing the same sum or reading the same chapter once again then you tend to better remember and grasp the idea.

2. Motivating students and assisting them with their homework: Students dread homework and loathe doing it. From my experience, I have seen that home tutors make their work interesting by spending time with them and helping them in every step, especially where assistance is required. It helps them concentrate for an extended period of time. Students can ditch their shyness to ask questions freely and clear their doubts with their home tutor. They help them assimilate their thoughts and condense their understanding by breaking down the complex problems into a series of simpler ones that are easily comprehensible by the students. Home tutoring facilitates on-time completion of high-quality assignments.

For instance, after reaching home the students might not feel interested in doing their History homework. A home tutor can explain the concepts and the ideas through a tale that would be more interesting to them and not make the subject boring. That said, it all depends on quality of home tutors, who will be able to implement such methods to enhance the learning of the children.

3. Opportunities for pre-learning a concept: When you walk into the classroom already aware of the topic and its concepts, it infuses a confidence within you. I believe that a student can get this opportunity from a home tutor. The school and study room then aid in revising the topic.

Learning a complex subject and concept becomes easy with this model of home tutoring. The greatest advantage of this form of learning is that it creates a good image within a peer group and among teachers because the student is usually updated with school work. A student can easily have command over a new language through this process of learning that ultimately increases efficiency.

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Image source: REUTERS/Juan Medina

4. Students are equipped with profound home tasks: We know that practice makes everyone perfect in their job. The same is applicable to students. Thus, home tutoring aids in the same by assigning exhaustive problems of myriad types to whet the knowledge of the students, which they might not be able to do just within their school hours.

Schools do have their limitations and not every time can the teacher be aware of the strength and flaws of the student. The home tutor knows the strength and flaws of the students and sets homework accordingly. Being the private educators they have the scope of selecting homework problems from myriad sources, not just school textbooks, to help students understand and gain insight on a diverse range of topics where they need improvement.

For example, if you are weak in Grammar then your home educator will make you practice more of the grammatical concepts to prevent you from making errors.

5. Detailed constructive feedback: Learning to write a proper answer also needs guidance. A correct answer has many aspects to it. A school teacher may miss out the various subtleties that makes for the best answer and also might not be able to sit with the child over the faulty areas.

Home tuitions help in analyzing, enquiring and correcting answers at every step. It gives a detailed feedback to the students that motivate them to improve and do better.

6. Students are provided self-study and referential tools for efficient learning: I believe that home tutors take extra care in delivering quality education. I have seen that apart from reviewing answers and revising lessons, they also equip students with revision schedules and timetables, tips and tricks to do well in the examination and general learning, check their notebooks daily, offer easy ways of taking notes, devise strategies for reading and many more.

Home tutoring gives a respite from the classroom distractions: A classroom consists of numerous minds some are focused in studies while some are mischievous and the distractors. Studying amidst the distractions might lead to half-hearted learning.

Hence, tuitions at home help gaining proper knowledge in the calm and peaceful environment of the home.

I believe that home tutoring is a great way to provide education at home where they will be under the supervision of their parents and guardians. This is also a great way to save time for both child and the parents. There are plenty of opportunities for home tutors as it can be a part-time endeavour and source of extra income for many. But it does have its limitations. Not every system is perfect, and it is up to us to follow a good schedule so that children are not burdened from extensive study at home and in school.