When Fossil Fuel Giants Sponsor A Climate Change Conference, We’re In Trouble Folks

Posted on November 26, 2015 in Business and Economy

By Divya Sharma:

It is really hard to believe that when the whole world is struggling with the great climate change danger and gearing up for the Paris conference to sit together and brainstorm about how to tackle the growing danger of global warming; there are some big fossil energy giants among many of the sponsors of COP 21 in Paris. They will take part in this very important conference which will actually decide the fate of the world and will set forth the path to reduce fossils and use renewable energy. This news is actually heart-breaking and at the same time puts up a thousand concerns and doubts in the heart of green-lovers that whether our leaders are actually serious about climate change? It is absolutely unacceptable to see some of those big fossil giants becoming a part of the climate change conference. All this will be done in the presence of the problem generators themselves! I believe this is absolutely contradictory to the spirit of COP 21.

Why are our leaders silently accepting the presence of these companies if they are really serious about the climate change problem and want to protect their people from the growing danger of pollution?

Stakes Are High This Time

This time, at COP 21, the stakes are really high as the climate change danger has never been so big. The year 2015 has actually been the hottest year on record, and nothing else can describe the danger of global warming more than this statement. But, are our leaders actually serious? In the presence of fossil fuel companies, can we expect a serious strategy to fight climate change? The corporate interest must be kept aside of COP 21 if we want to seriously protect our world from the consequences of global warming.

REUTERS/Michel Euler/Pool
REUTERS/Michel Euler/Pool

I believe that these companies will actually push the talks into a false direction and will somehow find solutions to support their business which is facing some amount of downfall since the people are aware of the dangers of their products and business in general. Interestingly, ExxonMobil will also be a part of the talks. Recent investigations have revealed that ExxonMobil actually misguided and deceived the public about the dangers of climate change. It knew about the climate change problem since the 1970’s but chose to keep this important information hidden from the people. Now you can actually figure out why it is so much important to keep these fossil fuel giants out of the Paris talks.

Influence Of The Corporate On Climate Negotiations

It must be highlighted that the corporate has always tried to influence climate talks for their own concern and well being, to keep their fossil fuel business going. As it was seen in 2011, in the report released by the Polaris institute when multinational corporations, who were lobbyists, actually infiltrated the United Nations and tried to wrongly influence the climate negotiations. This in itself is such a big reason and fact to tell you why our leaders must do something about this.

Corporate sponsorship must be banned from such important climate events because these are actually hindering the progress of the climate talks and dragging it into a whole different direction which has got nothing to do with the climate problem’s solution. Hence, in order to have successful and meaningful COP 21 talks, it is important that we must let our government and leaders know that fossil sponsorship and climate negotiations can’t actually go together. There, in fact is a need to give out a strong message to the fossil fuel industry that it’s high time that they must pack their bags and move towards a renewable vision, especially if they wish to be associate with something like COP 21.