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Why You MUST Take The Great Indian Love And Sex Survey! #OpenUp

Posted on November 3, 2015 in Sex, Staff Picks, Taboos, Youth Ki Awaaz news

By Artika Raj for Youth Ki Awaaz: 

The one thing that we as a nation do not do, just refuse to, is to actually sit down and chat, have a heart to heart with the big ‘ol elephant in our drawing room. No mann ki baat with him. No chai pe charcha. And therefore he stays – ever present, but never mentioned.

But here’s the thing with elephants, they are kinda hard to ignore.

And so it is with sex and love in our country. Bollywood tells us “dhadakne do“, “stay away from the kiss of love”, as also the “emotional atyachaar” there in. But give us a chance and we’re back to doing what we love – Love! Then there is that three letter word. Arrey, we don’t talk about it. We do it. But talk, eh, no sir! We have ‘clinics’ taking care of ‘gupt rog’ but it’s the most open secret there is!

So this is what this survey is trying to do. Get people to #OpenUp. Let’s talk so we can all understand what are our views when it comes to love and sex. Do we feel free to love in this country? Are we okay with multiple partners? Is dating someone you met online okay? Who decides?

Actually, no one. And that’s why this survey has been kept completely anonymous so that all ye fair folk may contribute to this exercise tan, man and dhan se. Maybe not dhan. This is a first of its kind, all-India survey to understand what the current generation thinks about ‘Love and Sex’. And the questions have been researched and put together based on scientific principles so that the information that we gather can be of tangible use.

So Love Matters and Youth Ki Awaaz urge you to take this survey. Do it for mankind. Do it for fun. Do it for time pass. Just Do It!