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NIT Durgapur Students Issue Statement Alleging Medical Negligence Killed A Fellow Student

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Campus Watch

By NIT Durgapur Students:

Editor’s Note: A fourth year student of Electrical Engineering at NIT Durgapur, Prosenjit Sarkar, died on Wednesday night (18th November, 2015), on campus. Students of NIT Durgapur claim that his death was due to medical negligence. Below is a statement brought out by the Students’ Gymkhana of NIT Durgapur:

The unfortunate demise of Prosenjit Sarkar has brought to light the pitiable condition of college medical unit and its staff.

Prosenjit was feeling severe headache for the past two days. Being unable to complete his semester paper on Wednesday morning, he admitted himself to the medical unit (MU) of NIT Durgapur (which claims to have 24 hours medical service) at 2 PM where the Doctor didn’t arrive till 5 PM. The nurse on duty gave him sleeping and headache pills and three bottles of saline. After repeated pleas from his friends to keep him under medical observation due to his inability to walk properly, a doctor was summoned who gave him an injection for his vomiting problems and forcefully sent him back to his hostel with his friends at 8.30 PM.

After being in care under the medical unit for 6 hours, Prosenjit returned walking across the corridor to his room. Finding him unconscious on the floor fifteen minutes later at 9 PM, his friends waited 40 minutes with him on the portico of his hostel for an ambulance from the medical unit. He died on his way in a tempo to the medical unit. The doctor, thinking him to be alive, casually mentioned that his low pulse rate was nothing of serious concern and referred him to the Mission hospital at 9.30 PM. We are talking here about a doctor at the medical unit of NIT Durgapur who can’t proclaim whether a patient is dead or alive.

Upon arriving at the hospital at 10 PM, he was declared dead by the doctors who estimated his time of death one and a half hours before. The doctor of MU commented that he could not understand his condition.

This information is not just provided to all the students to share on Facebook and all other social media. This information is provided to urge the people to stand and let others know that there is still humanity alive among us. Things are very poor and will continue to be poor, if we just ignore these incidents. Incidents like these are quite common in NIT DURGAPUR, for the last few months.

People are actually dying, and worst of all people continue to ignore it.

People of NIT Durgapur, do come forward and demand the change that is expected, so NO SON, NO STUDENT, NO DAUGHTER dies again due to the negligence of this careless authority.

The facts of this case could not be independently verified.

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