“City Of Love Is Heartbroken Today”: Social Media Reacts To #ParisAttacks

Posted on November 14, 2015 in GlobeScope, Staff Picks

By YKA Staff:

​On Friday, 13th November, Paris witnessed one of the darkest events in its modern history. Armed gunmen stormed into the Bataclan concert hall, took dozens hostage. Other attackers shot people dead at bars, restaurants and other sites across the city. Already reeling under the shock of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January this year, this attack has heralded a state of emergency in France.

Image source: Buzzfeed News/Twitter
Image source: Buzzfeed News/Twitter

France’s President Francois Hollande has described these attacks as barbaric, and has called for closing borders. An eyewitness at the site claims to have heard one of the attackers express support for the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) group. There is a lot of speculation around the real reason for the attacks, some claim it maybe have been due to Hollande’s decision to intervene in Syria. Hollande had changed its strategy in Syria in September by announcing that it would join Washington in carrying airstrikes on Islamic State jihadist positions in Syria. But the Paris attacks aren’t the only place where extremists carried out attacks yesterday. 43 people were killed when two suicide bombers on motorcycles attacked them in southern Beirut. Lebanon has come to a standstill and has called for a national day of mourning. ISIL has taken responsibility for the attack in Lebanon.

What is clear is that these spate of attacks are a mark of aggression and terrorism, not the prerogative of a particular community or religion. We must understand that the world should be united against fascist forces that believe in killing innocent people to spread their message of terror. Be it Charlie Hebdo, the Beirut attacks, 9/11 or the Paris attacks, it is time we all rise together to condemn terrorism and organizations like the ISIL, that believe in spreading terror to create a world where humanity will hate each other. ​

Below is a compilation of reactions from around the world about the Paris attacks:

An Eyewitness Account 

“They Were Shooting At Us As If We Were Birds.”


“We Are Looking For Marie Who Was At Bataclan. We Have No News. If You See Her, Contact Me.”


Students Hold Vigil For The Victims


#PorteOuverte Or ‘Open Door’.

Kind Parisians Opened Up Their Homes To Those Who Needed Safe Spaces.


“I Am Safe”


“Is This Hell?”


Sometimes I wonder: is this hell? The world we live in? #parisattacks

Posted by Kristin Thorne on Friday, 13 November 2015

“Brings Back The Horror Of 26/11”

Woke up to #Paris. Speechless. Brings back the horror of 26/11.

Posted by Piyush Tewari on Friday, 13 November 2015

“Terrorists Were Refugees”

“To Those Blaming Refugees…”


It’s Not About “My Religion, Your Religion”


“City Of Love Is Heartbroken Today”

“Do Not Lose Your Capacity For Love And Compassion”

“And He Lay Down On The Grass And Cried.” – From Le Petit Prince, France’s Most Well-Known Children’s Book.


An Eerie Calm In Paris, A Day After The Attacks

“It Will Be Okay”


“Faced With Dread, This Is A Nation Who Knows How To Defend Itself, Who Knows How To Mobilise Its Forces, And Yet One More Time, We Will Vanquish The Terrorists”