As A Thief Held A Knife To His Mother’s Neck, This Is What A 13 Year-Old Boy Did

Posted on December 30, 2015 in News, Society

News by YKA Staff:

For representation only. Source: Flickr
For representation only. Source: Flickr

It could have been a regular day in any home. A lazy afternoon where one’s father has left for work, while the kids and mother are at home. And then the doorbell rings…

Almost 9 months ago, as per an Indian Express report, on April 4th at 2 pm, the bell rang at a house in Sector 20, Panchkula. 13-year-old Dishant was home with his mother, Archana and 8-year-old brother, Ryaan. Ravinder, his father, a chartered accountant had as usual, left for office by this time. The man who rang the bell asked to see Ravinder and was invited into the house. While Archana went inside to call her husband and inform him about the visitor, Dishant stood and made conversation with the stranger unaware of his true intentions. Not able to recognize the man even after speaking to him on the phone, Ravinder asked him to come back another day. As he was about to leave, the man asked to use the bathroom. And it was just as Archana was directing him to it, that the man suddenly pulled out a knife and put it to Archana’s neck.

“He threatened my children, and asked them to get all cash, valuables in the house, or else he would kill me. Dishant then fell down at his feet and began to plead with him for my safety. On the spur of the moment, Dishant stood up, and grabbed the knife from the accused and threw it away. Both of us suffered minor injuries, but we were able to raise the alarm, and get him arrested,” Archana told the reporter. She also expressed how she owed her life to her son, who attributed it all to God for giving him the strength to do it.

Dishant added, “I would ask all the children to be brave, and not get bogged down by fear. Be brave, and God will help.”

This incident that happened 9 months ago was brought to the notice of the Indian Council for Child Welfare who have selected Dishant for the National Bravery Award (2015), to be given to him on January 26, 2016. PM Narendra Modi will be awarding Dishant with a medal, certificate and cash prize at the prestigious Republic Day parade.

Such courage must be appreciated.