Guess What BJP MP Lallu Singh Did With His ‘Adopted’ Village In Order To Make It ‘Modern’

Posted on December 30, 2015 in Politics, Video

By Artika Raj:

KL Logo 2 (1)Editor’s Note: As part of Youth Ki Awaaz and Khabar Lahariya‘s collaboration, we bring to you this story from the hinterlands of the country’s largest state – Uttar Pradesh. 

Well, he did a lovely nothing.

It was hailed as yet another move towards that D word I am just loath to pronounce anymore, primarily because it has become nothing short of a cuss word, given the atrocities being committed in its name. But for clarity sake – D for ‘Development’. This move was the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana launched by PM Modi in October 2014 where MPs were to adopt 1 village in their constituency and work for its upliftment towards becoming a ‘modern’ village by 2016. Funds to be used for the same were to come from that bountiful resource pool – the MPLAD fund (Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme… dratz there’s that word again!).

From pucca houses for the homeless to ‘smart schools’ and e-governance, the recipe for a modern village was put down and handed out for all to adhere to. But this was one recipe our dear MPs were not too keen on cooking.

To find out just how bad the implementation of the scheme had been, the brilliant reporters of grassroots newspaper, Khabar Lahariya, travelled to UP’s Faizabad District, famous for Rajiv Gandhi’s ‘Ram Rajya’ speech back in1989. BJP MP Lallu Singh had adopted the village of Tindauli in this area last year with a clarion call of ‘Let’s go to the villages’! While many others might have gone that way, MP saab himself possibly decided to skip the trouble.

Watch as the residents of Tindauli village reveal its true condition ever since it has come to be adopted. No electricity, hardly any teachers and complete absence of administrative action, unless of course you count the Rahul Gandhi-esque style of eating food with a Dalit family which Lallu Singh fully complied with.

And to KL journalists who say they cover ‘news too small for mainstream media to cover’ – thank you. Because, really in this glitz of D talk, this is the news that matters.

जब सांसद अपने ही गोद लिए गाँव को भूल गए

Posted by Khabar Lahariya on Tuesday, December 29, 2015